Where Whine Meets Wine


on October 3, 2011

Since I missed it this week (and maybe the week before too! Yikes!), I’m going to start with a couple things I’m REALLY thankful for!

  • Family!
  • My lovely children!
  • My hardworking hubby!
  • My project oriented hubby!
  • My willing and able brother! (he was hubbyman’s painting partner)
  • My in-laws! We love to go to their house and it’s so wonderful to spend time with them.
  • My sister-in-law got her medical assistance approved (my brother and his wife are missionaries)
  • A hubby who can anticipate my needs- there was creamer in the fridge when I woke up!
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (ha!):

I want to blog. I like to write. I love to talk. The problem is, I’m having a difficult time actually doing it. Somewhere in between the 3 children, the husband, the laundry, the cooking, the painting (we have vaulted ceilings that were in dire need of painting… not fun. Poor hubbyman.)… and we have someone coming to the house TOMORROW and I was gone all weekend. So the house is covered in paint, tools, and toys.

I spend lots of time thinking about the things I want to say… but when it comes to taking “time out” to do it… I’m not so disciplined. I’m needing to work on a better schedule I think, or better time management at least. I took the kids to my in-laws this weekend for some Grandma & Papa time (an added bonus was then I didn’t have to keep the kids out of the way during painting, or have smell the paint fumes!) and it was nice to “get away.” We did some shopping (for necessary winter gear as we could have snow this month), lots of playtime, and Big E even helped me make super, super yummy Fallen Souffle Cupcakes! It was so fun to have the time and space to do some of these fun things with my little ones that sometimes I miss out on because I’m too busy with the daily grind.

My hope it work super hard this week getting things done (and cleaned!) and organized!!! And the final painting will hopefully be finished next weekend… and then I can get a much better schedule implemented where I’m doing fun things like baking with the kids and making you laugh… those are important things, you know! (*smile*)

In the meantime, anyone have a place they go for really great redecorating or (re)arranging furniture?

One response to “Ugh.

  1. Shelly Hanson says:

    So much fun…so little time = one exhausted, but smiling through the memories, grama and papa.

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