Where Whine Meets Wine

Here I Am

So…. I’ve been thinking about blogging again. And by thinking about it, I mean thoughts, dreams, walking to the computer and doing everything but typing. And this has been happening for months. This last year has been crazy. From medical garbage to homeschool exhaustion, to living in a camper for a summer (yeah, that totally happened), to having a home built, to moving into the home, to realize you now live an hour from civilization. I have NEVER lived so far from the things. I have to drive to a grocery store, the park, the beach… all of these lovely things that we’ve enjoyed the last four years. Are gone. It’s definitely an adjustment. One that will likely take me a looooong time to adjust to. Here’s hoping I do.

I’m thinking a happy side effect of my adjusting, will be more blogging. More crafting. More…different things, I guess. So here’s to that.

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