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Thankful For Weekends

I’m aware today is actually Friday, but yesterday was a Friday of sorts for us. Biggest has been having some work done on his teeth due to… well, we’re not really sure. Either too much fluoride in the water when I was pregnant or something along those lines. Whatever it was, it caused his teeth to develop with spots of little to no enamel. So now they’re getting fixed, filled and pretty-fied. Today is his second trip (and he still has another one, or two visits after). He was scheduled for next week, but they had a cancellation today, so hubbyman decided to take the day off (*collective gasp* I know, right?!). So for us, last night was the beginning of our weekend!

I am thankful for a short week and a long weekend!

I am thankful for a husband who continues to consciously making an effort to make sure his family is at the top of his priorities.

I am thankful for a big, strong, brave big boy.

I am thankful for a dancing, talking, twirling, talking, singing, talking chatterbox of a MissE.

I am thankful for a littlest boy who makes an effort to make everyone around him smile and laugh.

I’m also thankful for dentists who are patient and gentle. Hubbyman’s been going with Biggest (because when I took him -to a different dentist- we had a horrible experience), so I haven’t witnessed it. But even after having to get the Novocain shot and work done, he happily went to the dentist again. He seems to really like his “tooth Doctor’s” (as he calls them).

I am thankful for in-laws who are coming tonight in for a visit. And how excited the kids are to see them.

And also the bottle of my father-in-law’s homemade plum port wine he’ll bring me (*fingers crossed*)- they’re good to me.

I’m thankful for a father-in-law (who not only makes wine!) but will be helping hubby with some projects

I am thankful for a day at the home & garden show this weekend- with Miss, Littlest, and my Mom-in-Law! So many ideas! And so many wine-slushy samples!

I am thankful that we finally have enough snow for sledding- and a hubbyman who’s made a point to come home early enough to go sledding with them (they’ve been promised another round this afternoon).

I am thankful for family and friends who keep me grounded and help my survival.

I am thankful for my virtual, blogging, interesting, funny friends that keep me feeling like maybe I am normal after all!

I am thankful for weekends!

May you find lots to be thankful for in your weekend too! Happy Friday!

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A Very Berry Christmas

I am  getting to the point where I’m almost ready for Christmas to be over. That  said,  I know I’ll still feel the normal letdown when it’s all over. Such a fun and exciting and busy time of year.  We have hubby’s side of the family’s Christmas done and this next weekend will be my side of the family… I know I posted a picture of the kids’ tree  already, but it’s been a little more decorated lately. (I feel a little like this tree- like  Christmas threw up on me,  and left me there to be pointed and  stared  at.)

There is more stuff on this 2 foot tree than most 6ft ones! And who knew shoestrings were so versatile as to also be Christmas decor? Can't forget all the pipe-cleaners strewn about!

While I was running around like a crazy person, my children were enjoying each other, Christmas music, and  a Christmas movie.

During the chaos there was lots of:

Collective Gift Opening

cuddling on Grandparents while they napped

putting new toys together

And all of that left us oh so exhausted

even puppy is exhausted

Have yourselves a very Berry Christmas!



And here we are again. Amazing how this happens week after week, Friday comes around and we heave out a sigh of relief- Finally, it’s Friday! Almost as if we were half afraid that it would decide not to come this week, or somehow get skipped over. Alas, the worry was needless, because it IS Friday! And even though I was woken by a little person pulling my laptop off the window ledge, and onto my head, I have been in a relatively good mood. I attribute this to the fact that we are leaving for vacation this afternoon. Ok, so not really a vacation, but we are traveling the 2 1/2 hrs to my in-laws. My mother-in-law is much like me, in the sense that she enjoys cooking and planning all the fun meals we could try while visiting. I also enjoy that there is always an abundance of coffee. That is if you’re quick. They make my coffee addiction look mediocre. I love that about them.  TGFG!(Thank God For Grandparents!)

Anyhow, hubbyman found out there was a political thing going on near his parents and he gets priority seating, tickets, something due to his being a veteran. So our 2nd “date” in the last year will be to a political rally. I must really love my husband. I told Big E this morning that we’d be going out on Saturday morning and he’d stay at Grandma’s. He was thrilled. Seriously, when we go there, he gets MAD when he finds out that his parents are staying too. He would like to enjoy all the benefits of grandma’s without having to worry about the rules of his parents. I can respect that. Or at least understand and be amused by that. At any rate, I am glad that they are always excited about going to grandma’s and I never have to convince them to stay with their grandparents while we go out. I also happen to love that whenever they’re asked, they’re EXCITED about the prospect of babysitting! It’s heartwarming. And appreciated!

So today I am thankful for my in-laws, and their enthusiasm for their grandchildren! I am thankful that Littlest E thinks the potty is so exciting- and he likes to use it! (Did I mention he’s not quite 16 months!) While I know this doesn’t mean he’ll be potty trained any day soon, it is a start, and a good one at that! I’ve been struggling with my biggest boy this week, but I really am thankful that he feels safe and comfortable enough to talk to me about his feelings and share his emotions so easily with me. I know this will not always be the case. I am also thankful that when he gets into one of those moods, he just needs some time alone and then he’ll come back to me as my sweet boy. (Today’s meltdown was because he was so proud of himself when he told me he’d packed himself for the trip to Grandma’s….and so brokenhearted when I suggested maybe he’d need something to wear other than the 8 shirts and 10 pairs of socks. He did remember jammie pants at least.) My MissE has been sweet and cuddly this morning, and I don’t think I’ve heard any whining out of her this morning- and for that I am extremely thankful! I am also thankful for some time with my honey… even if it will be politic-filled.

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Since I missed it this week (and maybe the week before too! Yikes!), I’m going to start with a couple things I’m REALLY thankful for!

  • Family!
  • My lovely children!
  • My hardworking hubby!
  • My project oriented hubby!
  • My willing and able brother! (he was hubbyman’s painting partner)
  • My in-laws! We love to go to their house and it’s so wonderful to spend time with them.
  • My sister-in-law got her medical assistance approved (my brother and his wife are missionaries)
  • A hubby who can anticipate my needs- there was creamer in the fridge when I woke up!
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (ha!):

I want to blog. I like to write. I love to talk. The problem is, I’m having a difficult time actually doing it. Somewhere in between the 3 children, the husband, the laundry, the cooking, the painting (we have vaulted ceilings that were in dire need of painting… not fun. Poor hubbyman.)… and we have someone coming to the house TOMORROW and I was gone all weekend. So the house is covered in paint, tools, and toys.

I spend lots of time thinking about the things I want to say… but when it comes to taking “time out” to do it… I’m not so disciplined. I’m needing to work on a better schedule I think, or better time management at least. I took the kids to my in-laws this weekend for some Grandma & Papa time (an added bonus was then I didn’t have to keep the kids out of the way during painting, or have smell the paint fumes!) and it was nice to “get away.” We did some shopping (for necessary winter gear as we could have snow this month), lots of playtime, and Big E even helped me make super, super yummy Fallen Souffle Cupcakes! It was so fun to have the time and space to do some of these fun things with my little ones that sometimes I miss out on because I’m too busy with the daily grind.

My hope it work super hard this week getting things done (and cleaned!) and organized!!! And the final painting will hopefully be finished next weekend… and then I can get a much better schedule implemented where I’m doing fun things like baking with the kids and making you laugh… those are important things, you know! (*smile*)

In the meantime, anyone have a place they go for really great redecorating or (re)arranging furniture?

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