Where Whine Meets Wine

Messy MissE

on October 3, 2011

Whooo…whooo….Is that what owls say, Mom?

Ribbit…ribbit…Is that what frogs say, Mom?

Hump…hump (with back arched like it has a hump)…Is that what camels say, Mom?  The word hump was coupled with her doing a little jump each time. You may to have witnessed this to understand it’s funniness.

She not only likes to announce to me, and however’s within earshot, whenever she has to go potty… and exactly what she’ll be doing in the bathroom. We’ve had many conversations lately about how it’s ok for her to tell me, quietly, once we’re already in the bathroom, but when we’re in public, she should just say, I need to go potty, and leave it at that. Well, while out for lunch with Grandma S, she informed me she had to go potty. I took her by the hand and led her down the aisle filled with other Grandma’s all oohing and ahhing over her curls and sweet smile and Miss E waved at each of their smiling faces. She then (very loudly) turned to me and said, “Don’t worry Mom, I won’t tell those grandma’s that I  have to go poop. I’ll just whisper it to you when we get in the bathroom.” (*insert a handful of grandmas chuckling*)

Today the big two were bickering back and forth, and several “No more bathroom talk!” conversations were necessary as Big E has entered that “boy stage” where everything is bathroom talk. Unfortunately, his sister wants to do and say everything he does, and I was reaching my limit! I told them they’d start having time out in the bathroom if they kept calling each other names using potty talk. A moment later Miss E asked if I would open the bathroom door for her. She paused and looked out at her brother who then yelled something especially special (about something very lovely being squished into her eye). I told him to sit down. (Meaning to deal with him when done with Miss E) I then turned to her and asked if she needed any other help. She said no thanks, and gently pushed me out the door.  She then hung her body out the door and began to divulge her retort back to her brother. Exasperated I continued my tyrade about my feelings towards all the “bathroom talk” going on. Miss E continues to push my buttons as she’s just sitting there giving me a look that says, Clearly, mom has lost her marbles… when she comes back with, But Mooooom, I am in the bathroom.  I look at her, and ask (with eyebrows raised) What?! And she gives the answer I was afraid of: That’s why I went into the bathroom! 

This girl is too smart for my own good!

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