Where Whine Meets Wine

I was awaiting the rapture

on May 21, 2011

This is going to be brief… my life has been a little crazy this month. Between my little brother getting, my brother-in-law (and his family) coming to visit for a 3-week period and then moving to China (yes, China), and lots of other life changing things going on around us and those we love (truly, not just saying that, it’s a reality)… we have been busy. And my computer is still dead. And we’re still trying to decide, or debate, what the best route is…laptop, notebook, new desktop, replace old parts… *eye roll* so hopefully someday soon we will have something figured out and I can get back to my old blog-y self. I have lots of pictures, recipes, and stories that I’m anxiously awaiting to share with you! I don’t actually have much time at the moment, but I just thought I’d steal a moment when I could and say I’m still here… with all this end of the world days I figured maybe I could blame my absence on pre-rapture jitters?? No? Eh, it was a shot.

I don’t have time (at the moment) for much more but I just want to add this thought. Love each other, love your friends, love your family, love yourselves. And that statement has nothing to do with any end of times sentiments. One of the dearest friends of my heart (and life) is going through a trying time right now and she’s been staying with us so that my children can be a distraction for her (they are distracting, I’ll give them that!)… I’m blessed by her. By the wonderful, caring, loving woman she is- even in the hard times. And I am so enjoying and soaking up all the girlfriend and chit-chat time I possibly can!! But really, it’s all just been a sobering reminder that our days are all blessings, so use them wisely. Love each other as we should, as God called us to. All of us…which I guess leads me back to end of times sentiments… so whether it’s tonight or 500 years from now, love as though you have 30 seconds left and like those 30 seconds are what you will be known for. Maybe a little less panicky than you would be if you REALLY only had 30 seconds left, but you get the picture…

Hopefully this weekend we’ll get the computer situation taken care of and next week will begin blogging as usual, or un-usual depending on your viewpoint.

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