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Is Today Over Yet?

So this morning has been a little chaotic…and it’s not quite 9am. I rolled over in the nighttime to find that Big E had climbed into bed with us, which normally I actually don’t mind, but it was the 3rd night in a row. Once a month I’m totally ok with, once a week I could probably ignore, but three nights in a row is it for this mommy. Which, unfortunately for his daddy, means the next few nights if he gets up, his daddy is taking him back to bed. I should mention, Littlest E was already in there with us. So now there were 2 wiggley boys…one who likes the blankets on, and one who likes them off, and two that don’t sleep if anyone else is touching them. At least they got some sleep. So now you know how I slept, would you like to know how I woke up? No? Too bad, I’m telling you anyways! I woke up to Littlest E pulling my laptop down off the ledge (right above my bed) and onto my face. I still have the headache to prove it.

And I only had enough of my coffee to make one cup… which pretty much ensures that this will be a day where I want need more than one cup. I thought of mixing it with hubbyman’s dark french roast…but decided that would be wasting the one perfectly good cup. So I went ahead and made what I had. Only to have Littlest E pick up my freshly-poured cup and dump it. I was able to whisk the laptop out from under his wrath, but his sister did not fare so well. And was much more vocal. In frustration, and defeat, I bargained for some quiet by offering to turn on Strawberry Shortcake for her. Which is perhaps the best bargaining tool for my little girl. Only to not be able to get the wii going (to play netflix on). Next I moved onto our new logitech revue (basically a fancy-schmancy remote within a keyboard that turns your tv into a “smart tv”… which doesn’t seem to have any of the actual features I’d been duped with in order to purchase it). I’d beg to differ about the “smart” part because for the life of me I could not figure out how to get the remote to actually work to run. After trying to figure it out for over 30 minutes. I gave up. There goes my bargaining tool. The next 30 minutes were spent trying to convince my little red-head that Cat in The Hat was just as good as Strawberry Shortcake. She finally relented, or moved on to silent loathing, you can never be too sure which. Just in time for Big E to wake up, and request watching a certain show, that of course is also through Netflix. He was fairly certain that it would work and that I just didn’t want to stop cleaning the coffee out of the carpet. Now, I’m not big on cartoons, but I’m pretty sure that even I would rather watch his kids’ animation than to clean my one-cup-of-good-coffee stain out of the carpet.

And then I sat down, decided to write a brilliant, funny post and wouldn’t you know, as I wrote the last sentence. All but the first two sentences deleted. And while it normally saves every couple of minutes or however often it does that… this time, it of course saved after the deletion. Ok, I can’t promise that it was brilliant, or that there were more than a few moments of laughter-inducing words…but the rest of it is true. Good thing it’s Friday! I’m going to focus on the fact that we have a rather plan-free weekend ahead of us, instead of panicking over the plan-filled-holicraze that begins next week.

And in light of me trying to change my outlook on this day, here are some things that I actually am thankful for:

  • children. As crazy as they can make me feel, never a day goes by where I’m not struck by how blessed I am to have each one of them.
  • hubbyman cleaned out the dryer vent and it not dries waaaaay more efficiently. Like half the time, at least! It’s amazing.
  • That it’s boot season. I know that’s not life-changing, but I love my boots. And if that’s what gets me through how long winters here are, I’m ok with that.
  • That my children play so well with one another for so much of the day.
  • That I have not let the house get out of hand this week (it happens so fast sometimes!).
  • That this weeks meals were met with rave reviews (Big E requested that we have my meatloaf and “smashed ‘tatoes” every night.)
  • That we may have measurable snow this weekend! (Yes, I just complained about the length of winter, only to say I’m thankful for snow. I get the irony. Color me Minnesotan.)

Littlest through a blue vase



And here we are again. Amazing how this happens week after week, Friday comes around and we heave out a sigh of relief- Finally, it’s Friday! Almost as if we were half afraid that it would decide not to come this week, or somehow get skipped over. Alas, the worry was needless, because it IS Friday! And even though I was woken by a little person pulling my laptop off the window ledge, and onto my head, I have been in a relatively good mood. I attribute this to the fact that we are leaving for vacation this afternoon. Ok, so not really a vacation, but we are traveling the 2 1/2 hrs to my in-laws. My mother-in-law is much like me, in the sense that she enjoys cooking and planning all the fun meals we could try while visiting. I also enjoy that there is always an abundance of coffee. That is if you’re quick. They make my coffee addiction look mediocre. I love that about them.  TGFG!(Thank God For Grandparents!)

Anyhow, hubbyman found out there was a political thing going on near his parents and he gets priority seating, tickets, something due to his being a veteran. So our 2nd “date” in the last year will be to a political rally. I must really love my husband. I told Big E this morning that we’d be going out on Saturday morning and he’d stay at Grandma’s. He was thrilled. Seriously, when we go there, he gets MAD when he finds out that his parents are staying too. He would like to enjoy all the benefits of grandma’s without having to worry about the rules of his parents. I can respect that. Or at least understand and be amused by that. At any rate, I am glad that they are always excited about going to grandma’s and I never have to convince them to stay with their grandparents while we go out. I also happen to love that whenever they’re asked, they’re EXCITED about the prospect of babysitting! It’s heartwarming. And appreciated!

So today I am thankful for my in-laws, and their enthusiasm for their grandchildren! I am thankful that Littlest E thinks the potty is so exciting- and he likes to use it! (Did I mention he’s not quite 16 months!) While I know this doesn’t mean he’ll be potty trained any day soon, it is a start, and a good one at that! I’ve been struggling with my biggest boy this week, but I really am thankful that he feels safe and comfortable enough to talk to me about his feelings and share his emotions so easily with me. I know this will not always be the case. I am also thankful that when he gets into one of those moods, he just needs some time alone and then he’ll come back to me as my sweet boy. (Today’s meltdown was because he was so proud of himself when he told me he’d packed himself for the trip to Grandma’s….and so brokenhearted when I suggested maybe he’d need something to wear other than the 8 shirts and 10 pairs of socks. He did remember jammie pants at least.) My MissE has been sweet and cuddly this morning, and I don’t think I’ve heard any whining out of her this morning- and for that I am extremely thankful! I am also thankful for some time with my honey… even if it will be politic-filled.

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I Really Am

We’ve had so much going on, for what feels like forever. While I always have things to be thankful for, sometimes by the time Friday night rolls around, I’m not all that thankful it’s the weekend. Because it means projects or running, or both, or me going places with the kids so that hubbyman can complete the projects! Last weekend was a wonderful weekend with the pumpkin patch and a somewhat decent football game. This weekend should be terrific as well! I actually don’t know our plans beyond tonight, but I love that!! After a much needed girls’ night in to watch some of our favorite shows, tonight we are having one of our favorite couples over! The hubbies were military men together, so we’ve been friends for a while! It’s so nice to have friends like them! We have our anniversary coming up, so instead of wearing our babysitters thin, (and because our friends don’t mind- they like our kids, and our kids like them) we are having another night in. I’m very excited about the food! They’re bringing burgers, and I’m making those delicious onion rings, trying out the mozzarella sticks, and hubbyman requested some form of potato. He said we could do them on the grill, which is relieving to me! (Because it means they won’t be my responsibility!) I’m in a great mood today… especially when you consider the fact that Littlest E woke up continuously from around 4 and didn’t go back to sleep until 6ish, just in time for daddy’s alarm to wake him up. Thankfully, he did go back to sleep after all three rounds of the snooze button. Miss E was up in the night too, but since I was occupied with a little person already (and really hubbyman usually assists in “the big 2” during the night, which thankfully- isn’t very often), hubby went to get her. I don’t know what the deal was, but I know he came back to our bed with her. As long as it means we get sleep, I am ok with whatever sleeping arrangement is necessary!  And she’s actually still sleeping and it’s almost 10:30. This never happens with her. Like ever. I’m hoping that she just was up for a while in the night. She’s easy to put down the first time, but hard to get back to sleep if she’s woken up. Anyways… I’m chatty this morning, I guess. So back to being in a good mood in spite of it… oooh, did I mention the reason Littlest E was up? He’d taken his diaper off. And peed… all over me. That was fun. Anyhow, I washed us off, changed us (was very thankful that it didn’t get all over the bed) and there you go…. I think my adrenaline is just now starting to wear off, or maybe it’s just that this is the first I’ve sat down. The boys were playing quietly together and so I did the dishes, polished the sink, scrubbed the high chair, did a quick re-pick-up of the upstairs, made the boys breakfast, and then  had my coffee. That’s right, even after that night, I did all of those household chores before having my coffee… maybe I’m sick? Speaking of whining, I hear my little girl…  I’d better wrap this up.


So today, on this ever so thankful Friday, I am thankful:


  • for good friends! To go out with, to stay in with, to share our lives with!
  • For good food! (I’m hungry for the mozzarella sticks already!)
  • For good coffee (I bought hubbyman some French Roast because I could have sworn that he liked it. Turns out he likes it but its not his favorite, and I hate it. Can hardly swallow it, hate it. Can’t drown it with enough creamer hate it. Thankfully, I remembered to buy some coffee of my own since hubs is the weekend coffee maker.)
  • for a Saturday and Sunday of no plans (well, I have been working on a “honey do list” so there are some things I plan to get done!)

Honey Dew

  • for the wonderful weather we’ve had this week! And that we’ve gotten to enjoy it!
  • for how funny Littlest is. I know I’ve said this before, but seriously, he’s hilarious!
  • for how honest MissE is. I asked who wanted to share their snack with Littlest E, to which she replied, Um, not me very much.
  • for the way Biggest E will share and play with Littlest E.
  • for the way Littlest adores Biggest, it’s so sweet
OK, and now the tiredness is setting in, which means I’ve been sitting too long, so I’d better get up, pour another cup of coffee, and get movin’! Enjoy your weekend and remember to think about all the things you have to be thankful for!


When I get overwhelmed or am facing feelings of depressing, I kind of shut down. I don’t follow my routine and I have a hard time convincing myself that it is worthwhile to do the things I normally do. I have been in one of those funks the last few months. The house is in constant remodel, my mother is suffering from some scary health issues (aren’t any health issues of someone you want to be around forever scary?), and we have 3, young, crazy children. It takes me forever to get things done, because I just don’t feel like doing them, And when I pull my late nights to get things done, it’s only out of necessity vs. an actual desire to get things done. Which I’m pretty sure has lead to the spiral effect on my computer time.

It’s come to my attention that I’m having a hard time finding a good balance between time I spend on the computer and time I spend off. So much of the time it’s just on and you look up and see, ooh a new notification, a new e-mail, another blog-able thought… so I want to spend more time with it off. It’s hard to find a balance between everything in your life, right? I know I can’t possibly be the only one. So, I’m self-imposing a No Tech day (or Tech-NO-Friday), at least during the day time. (Don’t worry it’s a half hour before midnight and therefore this is not being written on Friday- God bless timed postings!) Usually I turn the computer off when Erik comes home (I have it on with music a lot of the time and am guilty of thinking, well, it can’t hurt to just leave facebook up while I’m busy and listening to music…) and don’t go back on until kids are in bed, if at all. And I don’t spend much time, if any, on it over the weekend. It’s the daytime during the week.  And really, I want the focus of my day to be on my children and our life. Soo… one day to hopefully really get some things done around here, and hopefully the days that will follow will be more balanced. More time off, and the time on being focused on why I’m being on-line (like to write a hilarious blog post, or post a yummy new recipe) and less time of just being on-line for the sake of being on-line with no focus or intent. My kids deserve 100% of my focus, and let’s face it, they’re probably not getting it if one eye is on the computer.

Anyone else have any good ideas for how they delegate their time? Anyone who has to spend time on the computer for their job, for their blog, for necessity- how do you make sure you make the most of the time you’re on the computer, so that you can make the most of your time off? What things have helped you to relegate some anti-device time?

And, since it is Thankful Friday, and I am thankful it’s Friday, here are the things I’m thankful for today:

  • Big E (and how helpful he is!)
  • Miss E (and the way her imagination is growing and developing!)
  • Little E (and the humor he brings to this household! He’s only 15 months old, but he WANTS and TRIES to make you laugh!)
  • That guy I married
  • my wonderful friends (both old and new)
  • that I have a place to put some of my thoughts (and people who listen to them- or read them!!)
  • that I’m going to be an Auntie (for the 2nd time, but the first time on my side) in about 6ish months!
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Gotta Get Down On Friday

Today I’m thankful that I always have things to  be thankful for! A roof over my head, shoes on my feet, love in my heart… these are all pretty major things that not everyone in our world can claim.  I am thankful for creative and crafty friends who are willing to help me… see, I am creative. I have really great ideas. Unfortunately, in order for them to turn out the way I see them in my head- my artist husband has to do it for me. Thankfully he can see my visions and they turn out beautifully!

I am thankful to live within walking distance to our local grocery store, pharmacy, farmer’s market, and health food store. Along with multiple playgrounds and even a swimming beach. (If it’s a mile or less, I consider this walking distance.)

I am thankful for FOOTBALL!! That’s right, I said it! While lots of women seem to see this as a betrayal to our kind… I find that utterly ridiculous! Completely and utterly ridiculous! In fact, I may like football more than my husband does. While my hubbyman loves his (our) team; I love football. Don’t get me wrong, I love our team… but I like other teams too. I really just love football and while I was disappointed with the results of the opening game I am looking forward to the season opener (for us) this weekend! I have been going over recipes and blogs picking out the perfect game day foods! (Another reason I love football- the foods!)

And  I’m also thankful that I got MOST of the house cleaned yesterday, as it means I should be able to get the REST of it done today!

Before I forget- I’m also thankful it’s: Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! (You’re welcome- not get that out of your head!) While I don’t think it counts as “getting down” I am getting ready for some diaper making (wahoo! I truly am excited about this!) and I have a batch of Wine Slushies in the freezer in preparation (and obviously I’m thankful for that!)!


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Today Is Friday

I spent the whole week looking forward to Friday, waking up every morning thinking surely today has to be Friday (and it never was). And now it’s here and I feel a bit indifferent about it. But it is Friday, and there are things to be thankful for…


Like my oldest not plummeting off his bunkbed to his death. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but thankfully I went running down the stairs at the first shriek of Mommy! And found him hanging by his feet from the railing. Needless to say, we were both a little shaken, and a lot thankful.

I am thankful for a little girl who until recently would never have left my side willingly. This morning she quickly finished breakfast and begged her brother to go downstairs and play with her. Hugely thankful for her growing independance.

And I am thankful for the hilarity my littlest man brings to my life. The fact that he’s listening and understanding more and more every day! And the fact that he can almost always be distracted with the words, Where is the puppy?!? And he’ll almost always go off in search of beloved friend (who is in fact, a real animal)…and promptly attempt to climb on top of him.

Oh, I am also thankful for a puppy who will let Littlest E (really all of them) climb all over him with not so much as a nip or a bite. And the fact that he saves his “kisses” for the children and not for me, I’m totally thankful for that.

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Funky Friday

So yesterday was basically the day from hell… it started off really, really well. We hung out, had a good morning. Hubbyman picked us up, so we could run errands. Grocery shopping being at the top of the list. So off we went, dropping hubby back off at work, and onto our day of adventures. I go to a fabric store to purchase some material to make NFL diapers for Littlest E (to help solve to not quite enough diapers in my arsenal problem) and of course so that he has proper attire for the beginning of the new season! So we really just take our time meandering around through there. We finally get out and there’s a fast food place with a playland in the parking lot, so we decide it would be fun to walk over and play (not eat!). This playland is a little more “tube-y” than what we’re used to. Less slides, more tunnels. Which would be fine, except that just as Big E got to the top of the tunnel maze, a group of about eight 10+ year olds (who were not small children, either) decend upon the playland like it’s the only time in their life they’re going to be able to run wild. So run wild they do. Climbing up the slides. Sitting on top of the end of the slide to land on whoever slides  down. Running everywhere. Yelling loudly. Did I mention my boy is still inside of there? I know as soon as they throw themselves into the tunnels that they are not going to be going through it slowly or gently, let alone with any awareness of small(er) children that may be playing in it as well. So I listen, because my mother heart knows my boy is afraid, and every once in a while, in between yells and shrieks, I can hear the soft crying of my scared, little boy. I can’t see him anywhere… I look all around and finally I spot him, in one little end spot, where he’s just sitting in the corner, looking terrified. He was about to go down the slide (that he’s slightly afraid of anyways) when the big kids descended like the plague. And in front of that spot seemed to be the “cool” place to be, so there they sat.  I tried to convince him to go down the slide and that I would catch him. Kicked the kid off the end of the slide (he was not going to be jumping onto my child), yelled up to the big kids at the top that I was his mama and they were to let him through. Unfortunately, what happened next was for all of them to gang up on him, trying to force him down the slide. Surrounding him in his small little area, his whole body  pushed up against the glass as far as he could, and crying. It was so heartbreaking. The kids were from some kind of program, and I respectfully spoke with their caretakers. I’m sorry, I’m really not trying to be rude. I think that they are trying to help and convince my son that he could down the slide. But he is up there and he is scared and crying, and he’s little.  They were very kind and immediately made them all come out, and took them away. (Thank You Lord!) Thankfully we’d been sitting next to a Grandma and making small talk with her (she’d sent her small grandson up to try and convince Big E to go down, but he couldn’t make his way through the big kid crowd), she looked at me and said, It’s a good thing you’re small.  I’ll sit with the babies, you go get him. And so I did. I crawled through that maze of tiny tunnels, painfully slow (and of course, I’d been wearing my white pants)… but I got to him. And he clung to me like he’d been lost in a jungle. Even going down the slide, he clung to me. It wasn’t a ride, it was a means of survival. Poor kid. You know it’s bad when your child WANTS to leave a playground of any form.

So we headed to the grocery store, which for us, means Costco. As we pull up and load into the cart, we witness a woman yelling at a boy to hurry up and come. He (loudly) tells her he really has to go potty, and he runs back into the store. Well, this woman proceeds into the parking lot, gets into her car, and leaves! Not just to circle around, waiting for the boy. No, she leaves…. turns the corner, waits at the light and leaves, as I watch awestruck. At this point the boy comes back and somberly looks around and then realized she’s left him. At first I thought she forgot him. Maybe somehow she didn’t realize he ran back in? But this poor little boy recounts his life to me, and how she’s really his aunt, but he lives with her, and his mom is too sick to take care of him, and his aunt has done this to him before… this kid was just aching for love. And it was breaking my heart. 20 minutes go by and the woman’s still not back… I go to the front desk, recount what happened, and they basically were like, Ok what do you want us to do? So I tried calling the woman (the boy could tell me her number- I’m guessing he was 7), but no answer. So the police were called. She showed up just as the police did, no acknowledgment no anything, just pulled up, looking straight ahead as the boy climbed in. The cops promised to put a call in to social services that way if there are any future reports they have this too. But since the boy told ME the things, and she (of course) said she’d just forgotten him. (By this point, I no longer believe her.) The cops do seem to believe me, but unfortunately, there was nothing else they could do either.

So I go in, do my shopping and finally get ready to leave 2 hours later… and if you’re familiar with Costco, when you leave they compare your cart with your reciept. So we walk up, wait our turn, get there… and the guy never smiles (we’ve seen him before and I’ve always thought he was not the right guy for this job- I mean, do you really want him to be the last thing that happens -and therefore you remember- before you leave the store?). Not only is he unfriendly, but Big E is sitting in the cart, and so he grabs him by the arm to move him around so he can see what’s around him. Not gently, not after saying something politely, just grabs my boy. Any other day, I would have been mad, but that would’ve been the end. Today, however, I loudly say, GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHILD. If he needs to be moved so that you can look around, say so. DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILD.  At this point, all of my children are crying, because my outburst is so unlike me, that even they don’t know what to do. The man, without saying anything, hands me my reciept and I walk out, *unload my cart, unload the kids, climb in with Littlest E, so he can have his lunch. When he’s finished nursing, I buckle him into his car seat and head home. Only to find my bigger two screaming a few minutes later (and once we’re on the highway, of course) that I’d forgotten to actually buckle them in, and that I was not letting them be safe. (Good to know they’ve been listening about how buckling keeps them safe, but it sure felt like a punch in the gut.) So I pull over, buckle the kids (while they chastise me for forgetting. Big E informed me he was going to tell his daddy about it. I think he forgot- hey daddy…), and go home.

Yesterday, I may have been too emotion-filled to have talked with management, but you can bet that today there will be a phone call, an e-mail, and a written letter. And I may not go back to that particular Costco.  Needless to say, almost instantly, as hubby got into the truck, I burst into tears. Something about his presence, I guess. I think it’s just the knowledge that now that he’s here, I no longer have to hold it together, because I know he will.

So now, maybe you’re wondering about my Thankful Friday? I kinda was too. But here it is: I am thankful that somewhere, even though sometimes it’s buried deep inside… I do have a backbone. And that at least when it comes to my children, I have a side that I never knew I had- one that speaks her mind, stands up for the ones she loves, and will not be pushed around.  I am thankful that I have found that side of me, and only hope that I can integrate it more into the rest of my life! And I am also so, very thankful to have people I can call and say, listen to how crappy this day was… and know that they’ll listen to it fully. And that when I say, keep that little boy in your thoughts and prayers- it will be done. He’s gonna need it.

*I forgot about this when I originally wrote this post. What a delightful remembrance that just had to be included.

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Thank God I’m Funny or this life would be miserable! Ok, so I’m just kidding. (well, kind of, anyway!) I am truly thankful today is Friday. It’s been a long week, with me not feeling the greatest and all, plus how busy we’ve been all summer long. I’m ready for some time to just lounge around. That probably won’t happen as we were invited to three different birthday parties this weekend! But it’s a nice thought!

This week I am thankful for our health. I know it sounds funny, considering how I’ve been feeling this week, but really. Allergies in my youth meant weeks of feeling miserable. (Sign of how bad they were, I ran into an old choir teacher and they asked if my allergies were as bad as they used to be. Bad enough they were remembered a decade later. Blech.) And the kids too. Big E’s first year was filled with colds and sickness. And his second winter was about the same. This last year though we’ve had a couple bouts of sniffles, but that’s it. Everyone has really been healthy. And that is such a blessing with little ones. Because it’s heart wrenching to know your children don’t feel good and there’s nothing you can do about it! Or at least limited amounts of things you can do about it! So today, I am thankful for health. Mine, theirs, and the health of our parents too, who’ve all had various health issues or scares these last few months (or years)… and so far, only good news has come along with test results! *big sigh of relief* Thank You Lord! Whew! So that’s the thing that’s on my mind this morning, that I’m especially thankful for! Here’s a short list of a few others:

  • A summer of friends! Old friends visiting from afar, late nights filled with girl talk, day times filled with laughter, reacquainting with old friends, friends with kids our kids’ ages! Friends having babies!
  • Some not over 85 weather (finally!)! Don’t get me wrong, I looooove summer and the sun, but we’ve had so many days over 100. So I’m enjoying the reprieve. I hope fall takes it’s time getting here. (*pleading*)
  • Finding a big playground right next to a nice swimming beach… a mile from my house! Perfect! I wish I would’ve discovered it before the heat wave, but at least I know where I’ll be next summer!
  • I’ve always gone to small, local, suburbany farmer’s market (you know, just your town’s own market), with the occasional exception of St. Paul’s FM every once in a while growing up. This summer I have fallen in love with the big ones. I’ve only been to the Minneapolis one once, but it was amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I still love our town’s farmer’s market (and it’s a good size one too- plus it’s just down the street!!), but for variety (and fruit!) the bigger ones are excellent!
  • Family members who are loving and supportive. (And make a mean Strawberry Shortcake pinata when called upon!)
What are YOU thankful for?



Friday! Friday!

I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful it’s Friday!! Ok, so I’m pretty much always thankful when Friday finally decides to roll around, but today I feel particularly relieved!  And today the thing I’m really, really, super duper thankful for is: THE BUNK BED IS GOING IN ON SATURDAY!!! It has been a LOOONG process (it’s been going on since JUNE). Lots of late nights, lots of long weekends (where I take the kids places and keep them out of hubbyman’s hair so that he can work on it)…. I am so glad we’re finally here! Plus, I was all set to order all the new bedding (because the kids are all switching bedding, which mean 3x new bedding! yikes!) online, when I thought, Maybe I’ll just run and check and see if I can find anything on clearance before I order it… and low and behold, I sure did! It’d kind of a big deal, because the kid’s rooms are decorated matching their bedding. Miss E has a twin bed with an owl comforter and owl stuff on her walls…. and Big E has a full size monkey bed with animals all over his wall. Well, now Miss E is getting Big E’s full bed, and Big E and Littlest E will each have twin beds, in the bunk bed. (Which means we also have to buy another twin bed) Anyhow, I didn’t want to redo Miss E’s room completely, but it worked out, because I found bedding for less than what I’d hoped, plus a few extra’s that were on sale due to it being “dorm room season” for the bedding world! Score one for me! Or three! I will post pictures when it’s in the rooms… but here’s what we have so far.

Stairs leading up to the top bunk. Stairs flip up for storage!

Stairs and conductors booth (the bed part will be attached to the booth)

Inside the conductors booth! (There's now also a rope ladder to get up the hatch to the top bunk)

Thomas the Train (as painted by my hubbyman)



Today’s Thankful Friday is all about the kiddos. Some days it’s easy to forget just what a privilege it is to be their mama. With all the heat we’ve been having, we’ve done lots of fun activities to keep ourselves entertained and cool! And everywhere we’ve gone I’ve had people (strangers even!) come up to tell me how well behaved the E children are. And they really are. But just like most people probably think I’m well behaved… sometimes I lose my cool too. And it’s just so easy to sometimes equate busy with naughty. My kids are very busy. Always on the move, always talking, and always playing… and sometimes when they’re not moving or playing in the way I want or the place I want, or with more toys than I would want, it’s easy to feel like they’re being naughty, when in fact, they aren’t, they’re just energetic vocal children! So today I’m thankful for the fun we’ve had during these hot, hot days; the friends we’ve gotten to visit with; and the little people in my life who make it all worthwhile. And I am so thankful for them each individually. I know some people say that they don’t have a favorite, and some of them say they do… I never could. They are each so different and bring joys in different ways.

  • Biggest E is my sweet boy. He is the one to tell me that he loves me more than anybody he’s ever known. Loooves bear hugs (he’s not happy until he’s practically knocked you over) And gives kisses for days. (tonight he asked if he could also share his kisses with his daddy. After careful consideration, I gave him permission, just this once. He told me not to worry, because he was willing to give me kisses for all the dark times and all the sun times.)
  • Miss E is just a wonder to behold. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart, and she is sassy. And I’m fairly certain she’ll have her parents outsmarted in no time. But she is my girl. She wants to sit and paint our toenails together. She likes to sit in the bathroom while I shower and talk to me. She’s always a willing partner to go shopping with. And while the red in her hair may show signs of her temper, she is growing more compassionate and thoughtful as she grows. Even last summer, at just under 2, as soon as she’d wake up in the morning, throw her arms around me, and declare, “Oh, Mommy, I was missing you!”
  • And my youngest E, well not only is he my medical miracle, he is such a happy, good natured boy. He makes the funniest faces, and has the silliest laugh. And even by 6 months, he was already a hugger. He loves to throw his hands around my neck. He’s also into kisses, especially if he sees his siblings getting in on the action, he’s quick to push them out of his way to lay one on me. And he’s such a cuddler (really, they all are), he’s always willing to get a quick snuggle in before going off to play.
I wouldn’t change any of them, and I love them all dearly… through and through.
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