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Friday! Friday!

on August 12, 2011

I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful it’s Friday!! Ok, so I’m pretty much always thankful when Friday finally decides to roll around, but today I feel particularly relieved!  And today the thing I’m really, really, super duper thankful for is: THE BUNK BED IS GOING IN ON SATURDAY!!! It has been a LOOONG process (it’s been going on since JUNE). Lots of late nights, lots of long weekends (where I take the kids places and keep them out of hubbyman’s hair so that he can work on it)…. I am so glad we’re finally here! Plus, I was all set to order all the new bedding (because the kids are all switching bedding, which mean 3x new bedding! yikes!) online, when I thought, Maybe I’ll just run and check and see if I can find anything on clearance before I order it… and low and behold, I sure did! It’d kind of a big deal, because the kid’s rooms are decorated matching their bedding. Miss E has a twin bed with an owl comforter and owl stuff on her walls…. and Big E has a full size monkey bed with animals all over his wall. Well, now Miss E is getting Big E’s full bed, and Big E and Littlest E will each have twin beds, in the bunk bed. (Which means we also have to buy another twin bed) Anyhow, I didn’t want to redo Miss E’s room completely, but it worked out, because I found bedding for less than what I’d hoped, plus a few extra’s that were on sale due to it being “dorm room season” for the bedding world! Score one for me! Or three! I will post pictures when it’s in the rooms… but here’s what we have so far.

Stairs leading up to the top bunk. Stairs flip up for storage!

Stairs and conductors booth (the bed part will be attached to the booth)

Inside the conductors booth! (There's now also a rope ladder to get up the hatch to the top bunk)

Thomas the Train (as painted by my hubbyman)

5 responses to “Friday! Friday!

  1. Shelly says:

    Your hubbyman aka my son is so talented!

  2. […] need that should arise in the home, be it plumbing, painting, or any form of carpentry. (Remember the Thomas bed? sidenote: I thought I had a post with it all put together and the kids in it, in all it’s […]

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