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on August 19, 2011

Thank God I’m Funny or this life would be miserable! Ok, so I’m just kidding. (well, kind of, anyway!) I am truly thankful today is Friday. It’s been a long week, with me not feeling the greatest and all, plus how busy we’ve been all summer long. I’m ready for some time to just lounge around. That probably won’t happen as we were invited to three different birthday parties this weekend! But it’s a nice thought!

This week I am thankful for our health. I know it sounds funny, considering how I’ve been feeling this week, but really. Allergies in my youth meant weeks of feeling miserable. (Sign of how bad they were, I ran into an old choir teacher and they asked if my allergies were as bad as they used to be. Bad enough they were remembered a decade later. Blech.) And the kids too. Big E’s first year was filled with colds and sickness. And his second winter was about the same. This last year though we’ve had a couple bouts of sniffles, but that’s it. Everyone has really been healthy. And that is such a blessing with little ones. Because it’s heart wrenching to know your children don’t feel good and there’s nothing you can do about it! Or at least limited amounts of things you can do about it! So today, I am thankful for health. Mine, theirs, and the health of our parents too, who’ve all had various health issues or scares these last few months (or years)… and so far, only good news has come along with test results! *big sigh of relief* Thank You Lord! Whew! So that’s the thing that’s on my mind this morning, that I’m especially thankful for! Here’s a short list of a few others:

  • A summer of friends! Old friends visiting from afar, late nights filled with girl talk, day times filled with laughter, reacquainting with old friends, friends with kids our kids’ ages! Friends having babies!
  • Some not over 85 weather (finally!)! Don’t get me wrong, I looooove summer and the sun, but we’ve had so many days over 100. So I’m enjoying the reprieve. I hope fall takes it’s time getting here. (*pleading*)
  • Finding a big playground right next to a nice swimming beach… a mile from my house! Perfect! I wish I would’ve discovered it before the heat wave, but at least I know where I’ll be next summer!
  • I’ve always gone to small, local, suburbany farmer’s market (you know, just your town’s own market), with the occasional exception of St. Paul’s FM every once in a while growing up. This summer I have fallen in love with the big ones. I’ve only been to the Minneapolis one once, but it was amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I still love our town’s farmer’s market (and it’s a good size one too- plus it’s just down the street!!), but for variety (and fruit!) the bigger ones are excellent!
  • Family members who are loving and supportive. (And make a mean Strawberry Shortcake pinata when called upon!)
What are YOU thankful for?


2 responses to “TGIF

  1. John says:

    I’m thankful for God’s provision, recently our lack of complication with Jenny pregnancy. But in general, that He always provides. I’m also thankful for powdered donuts, elk steak, hot coffee, and good friends. Happy Friday!

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