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15 Things

on January 12, 2012

These are just a few of my plans, hopes, dreams, expectations for 2012:

  1. taking a trip to see family (my dad’s mom and sisters all live a few states away and while I’ve taken the “bigger 2,” hubbyman has never been and Littlest has never been. So that’s our big plan for the summer and what hubby is saving his PTO for.)
  2. beginning the process towards becoming a doula
  3. supporting my sister-in-law, and brother, during the birth of my nephew!
  4. finding ways to bring some sort of order to the chaos of this house
  5. celebrate my biggest boy turning 5….and planning his party (this is less than 2 weeks away… it may need to happen after his birthday!)
  6. make more time for me and my honey * other than our anniversary (*my children refer to anyone’s significant other, as their honey. Example: Who is your honey? Where is your honey? Do you have a honey?)
  7. start some craft projects- do more craft projects- and finish them!
  8. Get a(nother) tattoo. I have one all planned out commemorating my children with the “birth flower” of the month they were born. It’ll be cool, trust me.
  9. Continue organizing my house, until it’s all organized (I know, it’s a never ending process, but hey, a girl can dream)
  10. Make a “tshirt blanket” out of my favorite onesies, shirts, blankets, etc. of the babies’. A good way to commemorate my memories without just putting them all in a box!
  11. When hubbyman was told of my idea for the babyy tshirt blanket, he requested we make a tshirt blanket for him (he has a ridiculous number of tshirts that he can’t bear to part with, but never actually wears anymore, we thought this would be a good compromise.)
  12. Make more meals on the weekends to freeze for the week
  13. Enroll Miss E in ballet. Her enrollment in Tae Kwon Do is about to expire and while she does well, she really wants to be in ballet (which happens to be just next door to the TKD class)… plus  I think Daddy is ready for it to be just him and biggest E in the class rather than him taking on the two of them.
  14. more skype dates to keep up with friends! (just after I typed this, I skyped with a friend… and it was coincidental! Score one for the new year!)
  15. more family time! Where it’s intentional and quality and not just where we all happen to be in the same house at the same time!

2 responses to “15 Things

  1. winsomebella says:

    I hope your year ahead is filled with these dreams, hopes and expectations!

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