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Give Me A Break

on November 30, 2011

TODAYMoms and the people over at Redbook (the magazine) have declared today “No Judgment Day!” (The links will not only take you to their sites, but to their articles about No Judgment Day) It’s all about a day of not judging other moms, as much as not judging yourself! And I tell you what- it couldn’t have come at a better time! Today is day 4  of Miss E and Littlest E having running faucets noses, day 2 of Big E being fevered with a sore throat, and the day I woke up feeling like someone had clawed their way down my throat. So while I was looking around my house thinking all kinds of “judgey“things about myself and trying to find the motivation to make myself crawl around the house getting things done while willing my children to stay whinelessly on the couch while I do so. Neither being very likely. Then I read the No Judgment article. So today, since I likely won’t leave the house, I am giving myself a day free of self-judgement.

TodayMom is asking you to go to their facebook page and answer the question, “Don’t judge me because…’  If you go there, and happen to read my answer- please don’t judge me.

Staying true to theme, here is a short list of things I have decided not to judge myself for today (and I’m hoping that you’ll join me in not judging me for these things!).

  • I made banana cream pudding for breakfast and the kids are on their second bowl. I really made it because it was what sounded good to me.
  • While I eyed the laundry in need of folding, I just faced the other direction, wrapped myself in a blanket, and cuddled with my kids while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.
  • We chopped a little tree last Thursday, but it’s in water outside as I still don’t have a stand for it…
  • I have no Christmas decorations up/out
  • There are more toys on the floor than in their bins (that may be a slight exaggeration, emphasis on the slight.)
  • I know it’s before noon, but now is when I usually decide what to make for dinner (so that I can have things thawed/marinated/know what to send hubbyman to the store for), but I already know that I don’t want to make dinner.
  • I have a house full of fruits and vegetables (and meals made from them) and I have no interest in any of it. Only banana pudding. And a craving for a some spaghettio-s.
  • I may just make soup for dinner, even though I know hubbyman won’t like it. (the only soup he deems acceptable is tomato, and only as long as it’s paired with grilled cheese. Otherwise soup does not constitute a meal. If he sees soup he’ll continue looking through the kitchen/oven/fridge hoping I also prepared something else to go along with it.)
  • I’m thinking nap time should begin at 11am today!
  • I refuse to get out of my pajamas today. I labeled MissE’s pajamas as “comfy clothes” to get her to join me in the pajama wearing party.
  • I have no even thought about Christmas cards. And I’m refusing to give them another thought today.

Are there things you judge other parents for? Are there things you feel judged on by other mom’s (or dad’s)? Are there things you judge yourself for? Give yourself  -and others- a free pass today! And try to carry a little less judgment through the rest of the year!

8 responses to “Give Me A Break

  1. Shelly says:

    I decree today Pajama Day at the Hanson Household. I too have been fighting the sore throat. I’m also clearing my throat every few minutes and it’s driving me nuts…and I’m sure co-workers as well. Relax, let Erik make grilled cheese and tomatoe soup for supper, and take care of yourself and the kids. Life’s too short to worry about what everybody else thinks. Just so you are okay with what is happening 🙂 And don’t be your own worst critic. I’ve done that for years…it SUCKS! A couple years ago I retired as Director of the Universe and I kinda like it. Leaves more time for life’s pleasures! So…your mom-in-law says….stay in your jammies and eat all the banana pudding you want today. It’s good for you….lots of calcium!

    • I felt better in the afternoon (even got the bathroom deep cleaned and its cabinets reorganized! plus did laundry, and cleaned the kids’ rooms- with them), Big Boy however is an entirely different (and cranky) story! He seemed to feel better yesterday, wanted to play, more normal. But his fever came back last night and today he’s lounging and crankin’… I’m thinking there’ll be some quiet time in his future!

  2. Beth says:

    Sounds like you are taking care of yourself. Nothing wrong with banana pudding for breakfast, you have your fruit and some protein (dairy) and it sounds good to you. I think you have some lucky children who have a mother who takes time to be gentle with herself as well as her little ones.

  3. winsomebella says:

    I think you are on to something here. No worries. No hurries. Tomorrow will come soon enough. Till then……claim the couch proudly.

    • I will! (And did!) With all of us taking turns not feeling so great, we’ve had lots of couchy mornings! Thankfully we all seem to feel better for a while in the afternoon, which is the only thing keeping our house from being in complete shambles! ha!

  4. Jen Knight says:

    Haha…..omg Sarah! You just described most of my days… I think we all do the best we can as parents, and if it means some days your too busy or feeling too comfy to put on clothes, so be it. Your kids won’t care, heck, some days I have to fight with Zack to want to wear anything but “feet” aka footie jammies. Most days I feel like there are more toys all over my house that I am tripping on, than in their home. If it weren’t for daycare, I would probably just eat bbq chicken that I made in the croc pot every other day cause it is easy. I enjoy spending more time with my son, talking to him, playing cars with him, and watching movies with him than I do cooking, cleaning, and making myself look fantastic. I know he benefits from interacting with me more than he benefits from having a spotless sink or microwave and perfect floors. It shows too, when he can point out letters in words and can say his numbers up to 18 (at which point he usually gets bored of repeating me). Don’t worry what others think, and don’t be so hard on yourself about the small things. Also, as I am typing this, Zack is bringing me invisible “num nums” that he has in his car which is reminding me I should stop and go play! 🙂

    • oooh BBQ chicken in the crock pot? Message me the recipe! (please!!!) The kids have been loving the extra couch time! They even allowed me to pick out the movie! (that’s a rarity for sure!) They grow so fast, and as I frequently find myself telling my husband, You are never going to look back at your life and wish you’d spent less time with your kids!

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