Where Whine Meets Wine

Bananas over Candy

on September 14, 2011

Everywhere we go, my kids are given things… food, toys, candy…you name it.  I don’t know what it is, but it just always happens. I’ve decided it’s either one of two reasons. Reason a) they’re so cute. Reason b) they look like little hobos that just hopped off the train as covered in sand and dirt as they tend to be. (Our yard is basically all sand, which the kids of course love.) Anyhow… I realized just as I was about to head out to the farmer’s market that I didn’t have any cash. (*sigh* I knew that was going to happen.)  So I walked to the grocery store to get some cash first. As we walk in (I’ve got all three kids in the stroller, mind you), I figure kids are getting a little hungry and head to the bananas. We get there as the produce man is loading them up. For some reason there is a row of candy in front of the bananas (talk about product placement), which of course catches the eyes of all my Es. Miss E is in front, so she pipes up first, Mom look at that candy. My tummy might be rumbling for some of those things.  (How is it that kids know, without any prior tasting, that it’s candy and/or will taste good?) I simply respond with, Ooor, we could get a whole bunch of bananas so we’ll have some for now and some for later at home.  They all nod in agreement. Produce guy laughs at our interaction. and says, Not only are you brave enough to venture to the store at this time of day, but with three kids, and somehow convince them that they want bananas instead of candy? You’re like supermom.  (*blush*) He then picks out bananas for each of the kids to eat while we walk through the store. Big E looks up at me and says, Does he know we like broccoli too?  Ahh, that’s my boy.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the things we eat, let alone the things we feed our children. It is not an accident that my children will pick bananas over cookies and candy. Or that broccoli is one of their favorite foods. Or that they think apple slices with nutella are a very special treat. Don’t get me wrong, my kids have candy and cookies… not every day, but maybe once a week or every other week. While part of it is that hubbyman and I just aren’t too into the sweets, the other part is that there are just so many foods out there that are healthy and delicious. And kids fill up so quickly, why would I waste any of that belly space with junk? And it’s just as important that they see those kids of healthy practices modeled for them.

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