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Things You Should Say (To Girls)

on August 1, 2011

This is part two of the “things you should say” series. I don’t know why I’m calling it a series, it’s really just two lists (that I intended to write closer together) of things I want my boys to learn, and things I want my girl to learn, or know. Or maybe I’ll do a “things you should say” (to husbands) too.. hmm… maybe it will end up as a series. Anyhow, I’m going to stop thinking aloud start typing thoughts that are relative to the subject at hand. This weekend we had a mini birthday party at the in-laws for my MissE. She is turning 3 and is quite the girl! There are so many attributes to her that took us by surprise, and so many reasons to love this attitude-filled, tiny-bodied, little peach of a girl. When her grandma told her she could open presents, she said, “Yay! I really hope it’s a beautiful, pink puppy!” As she skipped down the hall after her grandma. Thankfully, she was not disappointed that she got a princess crown, wand, and 2 outfits. (which she promptly changed into) I don’t know if all 3 year old girls are as impressed with clothing and shoes as Miss E, but she sure is.

Growing up with all brothers, while I never thought I didn’t want a daughter, I didn’t really have feelings of “I will be so disappointed if I don’t have a daughter.” Or things along those lines. While I obviously love every inch of my girl, I’ve found that I actually enjoy having a daughter, much more than I would have imagined, and I enjoy it more and more as she grows. That child is a talker. And I love it, at least most of the time. She loves to sit in the bathroom while I take a shower and just talk. Or go shopping with me, and just talk…the. whole. time. And for a 3 year old (well, in 6 days she’ll be 3) she is very articulate. So as we’re having more and more conversations, I’m thinking more and more about all the things I’ll want to say to her as she grows too. Yes, some may be similar to things I want to tell her brothers, because let’s face it, the basis of how we live and treat people (or the ways we should), don’t change depending on which gender you are.

  • The most beautiful people in the world are not movie or rock stars, but the people that are true to who they are and the things they believe.
  • While you are a beautiful girl, you should not look for validation through your looks. You will never find it, and it will leave you unfulfilled.
  • It is more important that you attain inner beauty than outer.
  • The way you treat people is much more important than the way you look. (Yes, I know these first ones are all similar, but in today’s society everyone comments on how cute or pretty or well dressed little girls are, instead of focusing on how polite or well-mannered they are.)
  • All that said, I hope you always know how beautiful you are, inside and out.
  • You cannot find validation through others. That is between you and God.
  • Never talk to anyone like you are better than they are (no matter what their circumstances are)- because you are not.
  • Talk to people in a way that shows that you are listening and that their thoughts are worth hearing.
  • When you have a difference of opinion with someone, consider their side.
  • Treat men the way you would treat a child. Kidding! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention! Treat men the way you would your father- with honesty, respect, and a little bit of fear. (ha!)
  • Don’t let anyone (man or woman) tell you that you are not good enough. You are. Always.
  • Don’t let someone treat you as though you are disposable. If they do, dispose of them. And quickly.
  • Embrace your feelings and emotions- but don’t let them run/control you.
  • Be a take charge person! Don’t follow anyone else who’s path does not lead to your desired destination.
  • Be responsible! And take responsibility for your words and your actions.
  • When you are dating, try and behave in a manner you wouldn’t be embarrassed/ashamed to recount to your future husband. Or your mother for that matter.
  • Think twice before you speak. Think three times before you act. And then go ahead and run it by your mother first.
  • Know that you are EXACTLY who you were made to be- and be proud of that.
  • Know that life really isn’t all about you, don’t expect others to act like it is.
  • A woman of faith is a lot stronger than a woman with no beliefs.
  • Family is a blessing, even when it doesn’t feel like it! Where else will you find people who will love and support you, no matter how crazy your ideas are?! (you are your father’s child)
  • You will never regret reaching out a helping hand, whenever you can.
  • Be secure in who you are and be the best YOU you can be because I will always support you. Maybe not without voicing my opinions, but I will still support you in your journey.
  • Don’t be afraid to dream your dreams (and follow them), wish your wishes (and turn them into reality), and love your loves (with your whole heart). No matter what anyone else says or thinks. Except for maybe your mother.
  • No matter what else you do in life, what you wear, who you know, how much money you make or have, or even where you live… remember that your mommy loves you. And I’d really prefer if you lived close by.

12 responses to “Things You Should Say (To Girls)

  1. Beth McClain says:

    Simply awesome.

  2. PC says:

    Sarah, this is incredible. Thank you so much. I feel like I am constantly making this list in my head, and I just hope to remember to actually communicate a portion of that list to my daughter.

    • Thanks PC! As she grows, I’m sure the list will get longer and longer! Isn’t it funny how looking on one so small can make you want to tell them all these big, life-changing things?!

  3. Genevieve says:

    Wow this is beautiful. I wish I had heard these from my parents as a child. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  4. I saw this post via my friend PC and as I first time mother to a beautiful 9mo old little girl, this is a list I plan on sharing with her too as she grows up. Thanks again for sharing this, I’m going to pass this along to my other friends of girls.

    • Thank you! Feel free to pass it on! I’m sure as your daughter grows, your list will too! My daughter is almost 3 and lots of those things we tell her frequently- they’re never too young!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Ur words are inspiring! U make me tear up! But in a good way!

  6. Regina Lung says:

    This was beautiful and made me cry in some spots. Simply touching and powerful. Truth and applies to me in some aspects to my challenges I am dealing with recently.

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