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Birthday Blues

on July 2, 2011

Today is my birthday… and I have mixed feelings about it. While I am happy with the person I am, and where I am in my life… I don’t wanna be old! (Does anyone?!) So I have 2 years before my 30th birthday and I am wondering how to make the most of them. I am working on a list, really it’s more of a “to do” list than a “bucket list”… but c’mon, I only have 2 years, this needs to be realistic!

  1. Run A Marathon (I’ve always dreamt of running in the Grandma’s Marathon)
  2. Declutter! (Let go of things I’m holding onto for unknown reasons. Things are just things.) I’m pretty much ALWAYS decluttering. But I mean like REALLY, REALLY paring down. To the essentials. And letting the rest of it go.
  3. Get reaquainted with an old friend, or two. (Or more)
  4. Be an active participant in my children’s lives and their learning (obviously this is something I strive for now… I’m just continuing)
  5. Enjoy a kidless weekend with my honey
  6. Enjoy a kidless weekend with a girlfriend
  7. Spend more time with my girlfriends, or just some more “out of the house” time, or more time where no one is on/attached to/pulling my hip, leg, arm, or any other appendage.
  8. Learn more about this whole blogging business.
  9. Organize my recipes!
  10. Get my piano tuned and start playing again (right now it’s so out of tune that it’s basically painful to play).
I’m sure I could add more…but since it’s my birthday and all, (and a BEAUTIFUL day!) I’m going outside! I’ve convinced the hubbyman to take ALL the kids to the park (I’m hoping puppy is included in this deal!) so that I can have some peace and quiet to blast music of my choice and clean to my heart’s content! Yes, that was my birthday request. The wine slushie I’ll have in my hand will make it a lot less lame. I promise. 
Happy Day To Me!

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