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Let’s Start A Petition!

on April 20, 2011

I woke up this morning in a surprisingly good mood (you know, for it being morning and all). I was also surprised by how bright it was outside and the fact that I was all alone in bed- meaning the E’s stayed in their own beds. And so I start thinking, Man, this is going to be a good morning. Maybe I’ll get up, enjoy the quiet with a warm cup of coffee, while reading some blogs… *sssstttttttrrrrrrreeeeeeeetttttttttccccccchhhhh* I get out of bed, throw on my slippers and head up the stairs. I glance out the window as I head to the coffee pot, thinking, Oh the snow looks so pretty…wait, what? Snow? Ah what the @#$% (insert muttered grumbling of your choice- I’m pretty sure mine was more of a growl than an actual word, either way it didn’t sound English).

And it’s STILL snowing! Seriously, the weather we’ve been having is like the April Fool’s joke that never ends! And I know about that! So I vote we all band together in protest and start a petition- no more snow! (Do you hear me God, no more! Please and thank you?)

So in light of the weather and the fact that I have to keep telling my children that even though it was warm enough to go outside this last week, today it is not, I am making a list of things we do when we can’t play outside! Maybe a top ten? Well, we’ll see how it goes!

1. Stick them in a dark room until they fall asleep… no? Ok, fine! I’ll save that one for later (kidding!). Color!! Crayon, marker- whatever you’ll let them do! I make a “tablecloth” of old newspapers and let them have at it! When they’ve sufficiently moved on from this activity I take all their colorings and cut them to size and either a) Make a book out of it (with hole punches and string ties) for them to “fill in” (by them telling me what to say on each page) or b) Cut to size and make cards out of it. These make especially great thank you cards for all the gifts they get from family and friends. And both are great ways to recycle all their beautiful artwork!

2. Food: let them help you cook. Especially something they’ll like to eat. Even if it’s as simple as you filling the measuring cups and letting them do the dumping- that counts.

3. This doesn’t happen on a daily basis but… we talk about how some children do not have toys and they each pick out a toy (during cleanup my biggest E now looks for toys to give to a boy who doesn’t have any!) that as biggest E calls it, “One I maybe like, but don’t actually love. That a boy with no toys would love.” Middle E (who’s 2 1/2) consistently puts in her most prized possessions, because she thinks a girl would be so sad without her own *insert prized possession here.* While I (guiltily!) talk middle E out of giving away her favorite toy (because I know tomorrow she’s going to want it and there’s going to be no explaining away her unhappiness, trust me.), I am so proud that they are getting it- and that they continue thinking about the less fortunate, even after the “exercise” is over.

4. Playdough! + Cookie cutters! = lots of fun! (for my kids at least!) Try giving them shapes or certain objects to make and see what they come up with! (examples: what does a circle look like? what does a heart look like? or Big E’s favorite, what does a hexagon look like? I kid you not, the kid loves hexagons.)

4. The silly show: we make the silliest faces and try to capture them on the camera. (Then watch it as a “slide show” on the computer.)

5. Exercise! My kids think it’s tons of fun to watch me look all silly while doing Wii Active, and they love to do lots of the exercise with me!

6. Give them a job! I have really pretty decanters that I store my pastas in. Easy to get them out, but not so easy to get them in. You almost have to put each individual piece of pasta in separately. Great job for a kid! i find anytime I say, “I am having such a hard time doing this, look…” (show how hard it is for you) “…do you think you could do it?” They’re always willing to show off their skills! (confidence builder and helpful all in one!)

7. Follow the leader!! Our upstairs is basically a giant circle, which is great for games of chase and follow the leader, and anything that wears them out is a good thing in my book!

8. Story time! After you’ve read the book go back through it and pick out something on the pages and have them try and guess (I see something red on this page… or how many clouds are on this page?).

9. Dress up! Big E in Daddy’s shirt/shoes, Middle E in mine… and take lots of photos (watch this in a slide show too!). Especially great if you have them “act” like whoever they’re imitating (videos of this are terrific!).

10. Lastly, (and while the other ones are in no particular order, this one really is the “last resort”) a movie with everyone all snuggled on the couch.

…and now I’m going to go practice what I preach.

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3 responses to “Let’s Start A Petition!

  1. love your suggestions!!! good reminder to be interactive with kids, and not just stick them on a “babysitter video game regiment”. you seem to take your role as teacher and mentor seriously, and it is refreshing. 🙂

    also, got your note about the “nomination”…is that a real thing?? i’ve never heard of it….

  2. I’m in Colorado and we just had snow the other day. Here, the saying is that if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour. My husband and I joke about this all the time because it can snow overnight and then melt by noon and you are walking around without a jacket. The past few days we’ve been getting just rain/snow and wind though so we’re huddled indoors too.

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