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I do have a pair.

on April 19, 2011

Last night I had a whole life altering post planned for this morning. And then 6am rolled around, and along with it, my 8 month old and 2 1/2 year old. Which is about 2 hours earlier than they normally get up. At least. Alright, alright, I know that I’m lucky they sleep in that late on a regular basis, but let’s focus on me, at this moment! At this moment, I’ve drank about 3/4 cups of my coffee, which in all fairness, holds about 2 and a half cups. Which is basically the perfect amount. Although I may need a refill.  Except that I need a refill.

So what was I going to ramble on about this morning? My jeans. How many of you have a pair of jeans you don’t actually fit into anymore, but you hold onto them because they were oh so cute, or oh so comfortable, or just flat out your favorite pair? Because you know, one day they’ll fit again/come back in style. C’mon, I know you have a pair. Even my husband has a couple. Well, me, I have a whole stack. I’d say maybe 10 pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in… forever. The pairs I’ve worn most recently were right before I got pregnant with littlest E. 18 months ago. The ones that are the oldest in there are from college. Let’s not say how many years it means I’ve held onto them without wearing them. So, we’ve acknowledged the college jeans, and there’s probably 3 pairs of those in there. Then there’s the first married/pre-baby jeans, there’s probably 2 pairs of those. And lastly, the post older E babies (but pre little E) jeans, and there’s 2-3 pairs of those. And this is probably the shortlist of what was really in there. Ok, put that knowledge aside momentarily and listen to this story:

My brother is getting married and his bride-to-be sent me a reminder (again!) that I need to pick up my bridesmaids dress…but by the time evening rolls around- I just don’t wanna. Not that I don’t want my dress, I’m just tired and want to cuddle up on the couch (or flat out just go to bed!). Hubby works late when he’s at this stage of a project at work (whatever stage that is!), but because he only had yogurt for lunch (want to know why? read this) he came home at a reasonable hour. Which means that in all likelihood, he’ll be working late the rest of the week. So I was encouraged to just go, especially when littlest E went to bed early (no wonder he’s up so early! And yes, I did just make that connection…brain, please meet coffee. Please.). So I went downstairs to put something other than sweatpants on. Found my jeans, put them on and….

hey, wait a minute! These jeans are almost too big! What?! ( I race to the closet and start whipping out afore mentioned pile of jeans and start trying them on)… pre littlest E jeans…yep they fit, but why are they so short? Oh well, they’ll work with flip flops in the warmer weather (if that ever shows up here, as it’s April 19th and it’s supposed to snow again!)…pre baby jeans… hey, these are too big?! Ok, now, these fit, but wait…what is up with these pockets? Weird. And these fit too, but the legs seem, maybe too wide or something? College jeans, well I got them on! Eww, these are too short too. And these fit but seriously, were they ever cute? My favorite of all time pair and I can get them on!! I bet they’ll fit perfectly within the month!!!

So I’m of course wildly excited that my post-baby-body is morphing back into my pre-baby-body (with some changes, of course), but then it dawns on me that I’ve been clinging to all these jeans for years, some of them through 5 moves… and I now that I can wear them- I don’t even want to! (*insert eye roll here*) So out of that pile there’s maybe 2 pairs of pants I’ll be wearing again, ever. But it doesn’t matter, in fact, little else matters at this moment. Today I fit into my favorite pair of jeans ever. Jeans I wore in college. Jeans I wore before I was a mother of three. Jeans I wore before I was a wife. Favorite. Ever. 

So, I put on pants that I haven’t worn in almost a decade, and go get my dress. Good thing I had enough presence of mind to order a smaller size (considering littlest E was just a few months when I originally got fitted for said bridesmaid dress), because it’s actually a little big. You know what would be great, if I could wear jeans underneath it! Turns out, I have just the right pair.

4 responses to “I do have a pair.

  1. Leticia says:

    thats great

  2. That is SOOO awesome! Congrats and how in the world did you do it!!…the body morph sounded very un-intentional and surprising! I remember you being so pretty and I’m sure that time and mommy-hood has only deepened that beauty!

  3. Meagan Green says:

    THANK YOU for giving me HOPE!! (except I gave away my favorite-jeans-of-all-time a few months ago…giving up hope I’d ever fit in them again..ugh!) ps- I’m halfway through pregnancy # 2 so I guess I really should give myself a break, eh?

  4. Thanks girls! @Jamie, you’re so sweet! That totally made my day! : ) Especially coming from you! Lots of cardio from (literally) chasing children around- our upstairs is essentially one big circle and we run laps around it until everyone is sprawled out on the floor in exhaustion! That and what we eat! : ) Or maybe the amount of what we eat? @Meagan, there is hope! : ) And yes, you should be giving yourself a break during each and every moment of pregnancy!! And for nine months thereafter!

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