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Happy Fall-o-ween!

So I talked on Friday of needing a reprieve from time spent on the internet, and so I took it. Was it a relief? No, not really… but it was needed and there was a sigh of relief in seeing my home looking livable again! I would say we had a pretty good weekend in all. The first weekend we had zero plans in a long time! We’d all just gotten over allergies or something… and so the things we were invited to I cancelled or politely declined. Not because we didn’t want to go/do, but just decided that what was best for our family was to take a break! So Friday we watched a movie as a family and then after hubbyman fell asleep putting the kids to sleep, I took advantage of the quiet and enjoyed a glass of wine paired nicely with a long hot bath. And did I mention the quiet?

Saturday we got up and went to a pumpkin patch! Woohoo! One of my favorite things to do! Normally, I have taken the kids (by myself) during the week, but this year hubbyman was willing and able to go! Yay for family days! We don’t get enough of them! So off we went a punkin’ing…


We picked 4 really  nice big ones (hubbyman has some really cool ideas for the pumpkins), one pie pumpkin (mmm…pumpkin cheesecake!), and lots of little pumpkins and gourds! I love fall and fall decorating/decorations!

What is your favorite way to decorate/carve/paint pumpkins? Or your favorite fall-themed decorations?

I can’t wait until our pumpkin-carving night! It’s sure  to be a mess, but hopefully a fun, memory-making kind of a time! Plus, wait until you see Miss E’s costume! She’s a carebear! I will definitely do a post on Big E and Miss E’s homemade costumes! They are super cute, only took an evening (each) to make, and last a really long time (in fact, Big E’s is from last year, I just bought him pants in a size bigger this year!). Plus, they wear them year-round! It’s a win for everyone! And I have pictures ready and waiting for my newest onion ring and breaded chicken strips recipe! Mmmm…. they were soooo good! (Hubbyman declared the onion rings to be the best he’d ever had!!!) So there’s lots of things (ie. posts) to look forward to this week! Happy Fall!! (I know, it’s been “fall” for a while, but finally I am happy it’s fall!)

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The Dog Ate My Shoe

As I’ve said about a million times this last month or two… life is a little bit crazy in our household. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun crazy, but crazy none the less. The ups and downs, the fun, the whining, the visitors, the everything. I’m truly trying to enjoy every day for it’s own unique wonderfulness. That said, I get overwhelmed fairly easily. I crave order and organization as much as my children do. And I have been feeling overwhelmed a lot these last few weeks. A little chaotic. Maybe more than a little. And while between all our guests and the computer failure I haven’t had time, or maybe more accurate, I haven’t forced myself to make time to do all the blogging and recipe posting that I would really like to. But what little I have done, has of course made me feel more grounded. Because, as a female, I really crave that need to balance out the emotional aspects of my life. And for me, blogging helps to do that. In turn, these last couple of weeks I have gotten feedback in the form of emails and facebook messages, from family and friends. Both far and near. People I talk to on a regular basis and people that I haven’t talked to (at least in person) in years.

I am a people pleaser, and therefore, crave validation. I have grown, as I’ve gotten older, and it is not something that rules my life. That said, I still crave the validation. And if we’re really honest, don’t we all? So for this particular people pleaser, I’ve greatly appreciated that there are other people who feel similarly. There’s a little bit of comfort in knowing I’m not alone in all this madness. And for that, I’m grateful. Truly. So if you, like me have days where you just feel like you’re at the end of your rope, the last of your patience, and used up all your niceness by 9 am…just know that you’re not alone either. There are plenty of days I’m right there too. Biiig cup of coffee in hand.

...and the dog ate one of my favorite sandals

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Feelin’ the love ♥

I don’t know about anyone else, but I look forward to Easter, every year. The fun, the family, the food. But also the renewal. Not that you should ever wait till a specific time of year to take it to God, or to be renewed in any form, but for me, the refreshing and the knowledge of what this date signifies resounds fully. And I feel a wide range of emotions. The greatest being thankfulness.

So on that note, I just want to say that I have been overwhelmed by all the love and support all my friends and family have given me every day of this blog. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It’s been wonderful hearing from friends old and new and making new ones some along the way!

Ant on that note one more time, I have received a Versatile Blogger Award from the cutest of the cute, my friend from college days gone by, Jamie. Otherwise known as the author of Make It Healthy. She is fantastic!

The rules of accepting and passing on the Versatile Blogger:
1) Thank the person who nominated you (Thank You Jamie!!) and provide a link back to their site
2) Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3) Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers
4) Let the giver of the award know if you’ve accepted the award or not
7 Random facts about me:

1) I have a dog that is the same age as my youngest (and we got him when littlest E was only 2 months old). Let’s just say we had some busy months in there!

2) I LOOVE vegetables. Make me pretty much any vegetable and I will eat it- and like it. Except beets. At least in the pickled form. Eww, and sweet pickles. Wait, does this mean I can’t say I’d eat any vegetable anymore?

3) I am passionate about all things baby. I’m pretty sure no one that has ever known me is surprised by this, but somehow, I was.

4) I ask for recipes from people, but I’m fairly certain I’m incapable of following them. I pretty much decide what I think would taste good together and just do that instead. Thankfully, most of the time it works out.

5) I miss “military life” (as a military wife) way more than I thought I would. Maybe I should just say, I miss the sense of community and family you have. That’s pretty much the only thing I miss. Oh and the NEX/Commissary (hello, cheap groceries!!)

6) I LOVE cooking and would LOVE to take a cooking class.

7) My family is amazing and I thank God every single day for each one of them. Especially on the days they’re drive me insane.

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