Where Whine Meets Wine

Happy Fall-o-ween!

on October 24, 2011

So I talked on Friday of needing a reprieve from time spent on the internet, and so I took it. Was it a relief? No, not really… but it was needed and there was a sigh of relief in seeing my home looking livable again! I would say we had a pretty good weekend in all. The first weekend we had zero plans in a long time! We’d all just gotten over allergies or something… and so the things we were invited to I cancelled or politely declined. Not because we didn’t want to go/do, but just decided that what was best for our family was to take a break! So Friday we watched a movie as a family and then after hubbyman fell asleep putting the kids to sleep, I took advantage of the quiet and enjoyed a glass of wine paired nicely with a long hot bath. And did I mention the quiet?

Saturday we got up and went to a pumpkin patch! Woohoo! One of my favorite things to do! Normally, I have taken the kids (by myself) during the week, but this year hubbyman was willing and able to go! Yay for family days! We don’t get enough of them! So off we went a punkin’ing…


We picked 4 really  nice big ones (hubbyman has some really cool ideas for the pumpkins), one pie pumpkin (mmm…pumpkin cheesecake!), and lots of little pumpkins and gourds! I love fall and fall decorating/decorations!

What is your favorite way to decorate/carve/paint pumpkins? Or your favorite fall-themed decorations?

I can’t wait until our pumpkin-carving night! It’s sure  to be a mess, but hopefully a fun, memory-making kind of a time! Plus, wait until you see Miss E’s costume! She’s a carebear! I will definitely do a post on Big E and Miss E’s homemade costumes! They are super cute, only took an evening (each) to make, and last a really long time (in fact, Big E’s is from last year, I just bought him pants in a size bigger this year!). Plus, they wear them year-round! It’s a win for everyone! And I have pictures ready and waiting for my newest onion ring and breaded chicken strips recipe! Mmmm…. they were soooo good! (Hubbyman declared the onion rings to be the best he’d ever had!!!) So there’s lots of things (ie. posts) to look forward to this week! Happy Fall!! (I know, it’s been “fall” for a while, but finally I am happy it’s fall!)

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