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A Book For Aidan

on July 13, 2012

Today’s post is really important. Like woah, really important. One of my dearest girlfriends from college has grown into the strongest and most amazing person I know. Ok, so she was probably that way to begin with (I’m pretty sure she was) but life has gone in a direction that has made her strength, and compassion, evident to everyone around her.

When I was pregnant with Littlest E, she was pregnant with her sweet Aidan. Aidan was born at 28 weeks and 4 days. This sweet, beautiful boy lived for 8 short days on this earth, but has spent the last 2 years being the driving force for his family and many others. Every time I think of my own littlest, I think of Aidan. They would’ve been friends. And when we were scared out of our minds about E’s survival, Maggie would encourage me with the words, I’m sending Aidan to watch over him. You see, Aidan and Littlest both had placenta/cord issues where they just weren’t getting the nutrients they needed. It’s so heartbreaking to not have Aidan here, but I will be forever grateful that he watched over my little man. When I think of our family’s miracle, I think of Aidan.

Aidan is now a big brother to the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen (outside of my own) and I have no doubt he watches over his brother much like he did Littlest. Aidan is a driving force for his mama, sending her on countless new missions in her life. And you can read more of her story (and his) on her blog: Life After Aidan Christopher. She is a light in the darkness for other families who have gone through similar events. Her latest venture is probably the closest to her heart. It’s called Aidan’s Book Corner (and you should just go ahead and go “like” it on facebook to give support at the very least!). When Maggie was in the hospital with her hubby and baby, she found herself having to go home and bring in books to read to her NICU baby. For a parent having to go back and forth (or even one staying and just having to run home for odds and ends) having one more thing to think about or remember is a big deal. So she’s started ABC, where folks have donated books and NICU families have the bookshelf rolled in (on a rolling bookshelf so that they don’t have to leave their babies). Not only is this great for families and bonding purposes, but it is a great reminder for families of their journey- that they’ll get to keep with them, for the rest of their journey. If they get to take their baby home, they will always have a reminder of their journey. And if baby doesn’t get to come home, they have a tangible item to hold onto- which is really huge.

Help me honor Aidan’s memory, and the loving work  his family is doing to help other families, by sending books. It’s starting in one local hospital, but I know Maggie, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find this program across the country in a very short amount of time! Right now they are asking for new books (as they will be used in the NICU- neonatal intensive care unit), such as board books or some of the Little Golden Books. I plan to take my children on an outing this weekend and have them each pick out a book to send.

Books can be sent to:

Community Hospital North
Maternity Services
Open Arms
7150 Clearvista Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Please help me in supporting this wonderful program. Send a book (or 3, or more!), “like” them on facebook, and share! Share it on your facebook wall, share it on your blog, call your bff and tell her all about it… just share. It’s a small token to give, for a family in the NICU, but what a memorable one.

2 responses to “A Book For Aidan

  1. Maggie says:

    Thank you. This made me cry in a good way. I love you and I’m so glad you’re in my life.

  2. I’ve been woefully remiss in my wordpressing lately for various reasons so I’m just now checking in on you.

    Our ability as a species to adapt and overcome such horribly sad circumstances and turn them into such a positive thing for others.. it astounds me. 🙂

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