Where Whine Meets Wine


on April 9, 2012

Do you have any on-line friends? I know, just the thought conjures up pictures of “gamers” or people with “virtual lives” … but here’s the thing. I have some on-line friends. That I’ve never met. You know not face-to-face anyways. But here in blog-land we share heartfelt thoughts and feelings and most often are met by other blogs and/or comments of others sharing their heartfelt thoughts and feelings. And eventually, you feel you like you know the person. You wish you could entice them to the northern midwest with promises of the Mall of America and… the Hockey Hall of Fame? Two of my favorites are: Stuff I Can’t Put On Facebook and Searching For Middle Ground. Seriously, if I could meet these lovely ladies for a glass pitcher of wine. I totally would. In a world hidden behind computer screens, these are my friends. You know, in a, I wouldn’t recognize you if I saw you on the street, but if I see your gravatar, I’ve totally got your back, kinda way. Anyways. The lovely lady at Stuff I Can’t Put On Facebook posted a blog where she’d been tagged by someone, had to answer a bunch of questions, and then tag some people to do the same. Upon reading, I laughed, I felt her pain, and I thought how brave she was for answering those questions publicly. Slowly, as I went farther down her list, it dawned on me that she would possibly tag ME and I had a few moments of brief hyperventilation. Then I read Searching For Middle Ground‘s post answering the questions. Both lovely ladies had the brilliance to keep their blogs anonymous. Meaning their friends (MOTHERS!) don’t read their blog. And if they do, they don’t know it’s them. That to me just seems like a stroke of genius, to be able to say anything you think and feel without the fear of offense or backlash. I love them for it! Since I do not have that anonymity, but still want to answer honestly, I’ve decided to combine both of their questions into things I feel I can actually answer, and face those who know me! Basically, I’m pretending to do this in fear of being struck by lightening, or being dragged kicking and screaming… but really, it’s just good fun.

  1. Tell me about your worst date ever. Oh. Yikes. It was in college. My freshman year, I think. Maybe sophomore. No, freshman. We went to a movie. He didn’t even ask my opinion on a movie. Just picked. I spent the entire movie trying to make all of my evasive maneuvers to not touch him look casual and unplanned. (How many time does your arms “naturally” have a sudden itch as they try to grab your hand? Apparently for mine, very frequently.) On the way home he asked if I had lots of mosquito bites or something. Yes, yes, that’s it. I even evaded an end-of-the-evening anything by saying, I’m sorry those mosquito bites are just driving me crazy. After such a wonderful evening, he decided to tell me that he wasn’t a virgin. (I didn’t ask.) He went on to tell me how he was reaalllyyy not a virgin and slept with lots of girls. And just thought he should be honest with me. My response? I want to be honest with you too. These mosquito bites are killing me, and I think I need to go take a bath in calamine lotion. And then ran away. Literally.
  2. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written lately? My Sticky Sweet Family. I just love the pictures and the feelings, and memories they evoke. Although, since writing it… I’ve thought of lots of other information and memories I wish I’d included. Plus lots of pictures I wish I had taken.
  3. If I were to ask your significant other what one thing they’d change about you, what would it be? Hmm. I think I’d prefer you don’t do that. He’d probably say that he wished I would take more initiative in the things I want in life, tell him why I’m mad instead of brewing in it, and to put his matching pairs of socks together when I put his clothes away. (My response? I’m trying. I’m trying. Then you put away the laundry.)
  4. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure that you can’t tell anyone (or very very few people) about because they’d totally judge you (tv show, music, books, hobby, etc.)? TV. I want to not want to watch it period. But I do. Which ones? Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are the ones I’ll admit to. The rest? I’m not telling. And first person to rat me out gets banned from life. At least my life.
  5. Blind or deaf? Why? Oh that is so hard. I’ve gone back and forth on this several times. And I think I’d rather be deaf. Because then I could still see owies that need to be kissed, without hearing the crying. I could see when those I love are broken hearted, without having to hear the whining. And I could still witness life’s greatest moments without hearing the background music that would inevitably make me cry.
  6. Name 3 meals that are go-to’s in your household? Pasta. Tacos. Pizza. (In that order. And all homemade.)
  7. What character in TV or movies most describes you and why? Yikes. No idea. Kepner on Grey’s anatomy. Totally capable, but terrible at putting her foot down and vocalizing her needs. Gets walked on. Invents creative ways to finally gain respect/get people to listen to her. Keeps it all inside until she completely blows up. Except that I’m not so innocent that it’s annoying. And I think the fact that I have three children belays our other difference.
  8. We all want to fly, be invisible or stop time.  But, what NON-traditional superpower would you like? The power of organization! With just a flick of my wrist and my everything I touch would turn to organized. That would be utterly amazing.
  9. What is the one life lesson you really wish someone had told you sooner? That just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re dumb and just because you’re “old”(er) doesn’t mean you’re smart(er).
  10. What is your least favorite part of the house to clean? Putting away laundry and putting away the dishes. I know that’s not actually a part of the house, and I’m not sure it even counts as cleaning. But it’s my least favorite. Anything else I will do willingly.
  11. What is something that makes you squee with glee? I am very excited that this next weekend I will be taking my doula training seminar!! So excited!!

Post the rules (and here they are:)
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
Create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Let them know you’ve tagged them.

New Questions! (ok, some of them aren’t “new” but whatever:)

1. What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given? Did you take it?

2. What are your top-3 favorite meals?

3. What fact about you are you most embarrassed about?

4. What’s the worst name you’ve ever given a pet?

5. What is something you do that drives your significant other crazy?  If you have no significant other, substitute a parent or friend.

6. What was the last thing to really make you laugh out loud?

7. What was your worst first date ever?

8. What is the rudest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

9. What was your favorite childhood toy?

10. What was the last stupid/crazy/un-you thing you’ve last done?

11. Pick your own question. 

If you’d like in on this, consider yourself tagged!

 Otherwise here is the list of folks I’d give a tag to! (And are always worth a read!)

Sidenote: Mothers, and family members: I did not mean to single you out. I am thankful for your support, thoughtfulness, and comments that you add to the blog. Truly. Except for when I want to write a post you won’t appreciate. (Kidding!)

8 responses to “Fine!

  1. Awww! Thanks for the tag!

    Pizza and lasagna are our go-to meals. And we’re not even Italian!

  2. Hockey Hall of Fame, here I come! I’m down for that pitcher (or two) whenever we find ourselves in the same state! 🙂

  3. flamidwyfe says:

    Thanks for the tag… It’ll be a nice break from my diet news, lol!

    I have actually been on a listserve for midwives since 1996!!! So for 18 years I’ve been talking to women who are like my sisters, and a lot of them I don’t know. We’ve been through hell and back with divorces, death, kids, then grandkids, cancer, highs and lows and tens of thousands of births.

    I’ve met many of them… My friend Cathy, who I consider one of my dearest friends, just flew to China to go to Thailand with me! I’ve seen her in person a total of 6 times in these 18 years!

    OK, off to do a post on tagging… Love your blog 🙂

  4. flamidwyfe says:

    Done and posted 🙂

  5. […] I opened an awesome post by She’s a young busy mom who cooks homemade gluten-free food for her beautiful family. I like […]

  6. thank you for being brave and answering!!! and lady – you KNOW i have your back. 🙂 bring it blog world. haha 🙂 yes. i’ll be having wine friday night. i’ll virtually cheers you with PIC. have a great day!!! 😀

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