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on March 20, 2012

I planned to write earlier this morning, but well… life. Actually, I planned to write this yesterday, but the fact that it was the last day of winter and  over 80 degrees, well, it begged to be appreciated. And with a yard full of oak trees (which means half fall in the autumn and the rest fall in the spring), the grass was also begging to be appreciated. So the kids played chalk, dinosaurs, and spent time on the swing set while I raked, and raked, and raked some more. The only things not appreciative of this day are my hands and their numerous blisters. (Note to self: Next time wear gloves. Or better yet, use the leaf blower.)

As I raked, I listened to my children playing together. Biggest is into the classic (or vintage) Spiderman, so they spent some time pretending that one was Spiderman, one was Iceman, and Miss was Firestar. Biggest would generously ask his siblings every half hour or so if they were thirsty, and then run in and get them glasses of water. It was very sweet. Until Littlest put 3 things of chalk inside his water glass, and then continued to drink it. His shirt is now a little bit tie-dyed. I’m choosing to continue viewing those moments through my-children-are-so-sweet-to-each-other glasses.

Growing up,  my brothers and I certainly had our share of disagreements, as all children do. But the majority of the time we just were playmates and friends. The same is true today. My brothers and I are very close. They are my best friends and the greatest babysitters. One of my brothers and I would get into trouble together, another only ever got in trouble when covering for the other one and I. When I’m hurt and crying, my brother is who I call. When I am excited and have news, my brother is who  I call. When I am lonely and need a friend, my brother is who I call. When my brother (who restores and refinishes vintage furniture) comes across an exciting find, he calls me. When my brother is sitting in an airport waiting for a flight (he is a missionary who travels out of the country frequently), he calls me. When my brothers are in need of assistance, they call me. When they are in need of nephews or a niece, they call me.

I can only hope that my children will continue to grow to be friends, supporters, encouragers, playmates, secret-sharers, and secret keepers for each other. That as they grow they will find the love and support of family along with the  fun and laughter of friends in their siblings.

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11 responses to “Siblings

  1. It’s cool to hear that you have such a great relationship with your siblings and that it seems (now at least) like that’s a legacy you’ll be passing on to your children. It’s important to surround yourself with a few folks that you love and trust implicitly. Even better that they’re related to you. 🙂

  2. winsomebella says:

    This touched me and reminded me of my two brothers and my sister. We live far apart but always pick up right where we left off and are ready when needed. Darling pics of the kiddos 🙂

  3. flamidwyfe says:

    My relationship with most of my siblings is not that great, but I have a wonderful relationship with my younger sister who is 19 months younger than me… we’ve always leaned on each other.
    My kids, who are adults, are very, very close and I love that. I nurtured that when they were little and through their teens and I think it is important.

    • the two oldest (of my children) are 18 months apart. I’m thinking (hoping!) they will always be so close! And littlest too, thankfully his personality is not one to be ignored, which is good since he always wants in on whatever they’re doing!

    • It’s a wonderful thing to have those kind of relationships. Whether your brothers and sisters are by blood or by choice! Hubbyman and I are firm believers in choosing the family we associate with! Some of our favorite people are not related by blood, but by choice!

      • flamidwyfe says:

        I have an amazing relationship with a group of friends I grew up with… they all still live in our home town and I see them when I’m home on vacation. I am SO looking forward to moving back home permanently (from China) in September, as my group of friends are more like sisters and brothers than friends. I actually just wrote about this on my blog yesterday (Blog Award Part 2)… lol, so it’s funny that we’re on the same subject!

  4. Kendall Lyons says:

    Good Morning. Your site is awesome!!! Thanks so much for checking out my site as well. Glad you enjoyed some of my articles as well. I’ll make sure to keep delivering!

  5. Family is so important, siblings can be even more so! I once read that the relationships with our siblings will be the longest you will ever experience! Of course our parents bring us into the world, but actually (not withstanding tragedy) the sibling-relationship remains constant in life until our last days!

    I am so lucky to have one of each (matching set, lol) I truly appreciate our time spent together as neither of us live close by, different states and different countries in one case so when we have that time, we really value it 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your side of the story about your family 🙂

    • we used to be across the country from our siblings, and they really were a major part of why we moved back “home.” Of course, some of them live in other countries, but still. If we didn’t live “home” we wouldn’t see them during visits! They really are important and I hope my children think so as they grow as well!

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