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You Might Wanna Stand Back

on March 14, 2012

Ever wake up and just feel so cranky that people just instinctually move away from you as quickly as possible? I’m pretty sure that happened this morning when hubbyman dared to wake me up. At least, I think that’s what happened, he moved away so quickly that I can’t really be sure. Today is the day of supposed tree trimmers. I had to get up before the sun this morning because they were going to be here early (I don’t understand why so early because they couldn’t start working that early, without my neighbors lining up with pitchforks -I wouldn’t blame them, if it was people in their yard when I was sleeping, I’d do the same.). It’s a half hour past when they said they’d be here and no sign so far. If they don’t show up before too long, they should be more afraid of me than hubbyman was this morning. 

So they got here. Right after I posted that they’d better show up (maybe they knew their lives were in danger). And promptly began cutting trees in the front. Even though they said they’d start in the back. (I may be nit picking.) And it also promptly woke up Littlest. Who is not used to the sound of chain saws with his morning snooze. Have I mentioned I’m an absolute delight in the mornings? Or that Littlest woke up at 3 and demanded (and I mean demanded) a bottle. When I came back with a bottle, he had found a pacifier (a new discovery of his. that’s right, new, at 20 months.) and refused the bottle. And then laid there, just looking at me with his wide-awake, wide-open eyes for the next two hours. At least Littlest is enjoying watching the big truck they have parked in our driveway instead of whining.

I was going to write 2 reviews today (of some really lovely products- a facial moisturizer and some laundry detergent), but I can’t really think straight with all the whirring, and barking, oh, and the whining. But I’ll probably stop all my whining when the coffee kicks in. Which should be about noon. Crap. Here come Biggest and MissE, and from the sounds of it, they’re as pleased to be awake as I am. We’re off to a great start. Maybe I can convince them to climb back into bed with me and we can rewind this whole scenario. Or at least pretend like we’ve had a fresh start.

*New Addition*: If I was cranky before, I’m pretty livid right now. After hearing a huge thud of a big branch landing directly on my cute, vintage, irreplaceable patio table, I ran to the door and apparently said what I was thinking out loud. I know this, because my daughter ran to the window to say, who did you yell oh, hell-o to? I have found one thing to be thankful for this morning- my daughter’s hearing, or interpretation of my words.

9 responses to “You Might Wanna Stand Back

  1. Christine says:

    It’s so true! Hubby’s done that in a way but I think they see it in our eyes or the energy’s so strong it scares the bejungas out of them.

    Awww, go back to bed when the treemen leave. Ok, here’s a joke to make you smile (or crankier). A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says… Why the long face?

    • haha! thanks for the laugh! I’m hoping the tree guys get out of here fast- if they know what’s good for them! Especially since they’re making branches fall on my patio table!

  2. Letjoy says:

    I know when I wake up in a funk HUbby def. knows to stay out of my way

  3. Jen Knight says:

    You ladies are lucky….my husband takes it as a cue to aggravate me further by picking on me some way or another. He does this until I yell some unmentionable thing or another at him, then he gets mad at me for ruining HIS day! lol- men.

  4. Oooo… I hate those days! Here’s hoping the happy tree loggers find it in their hearts to replace your vintage patio set and soon…

    • thankfully they didn’t ruin the set. There’s a couple scratches on the side table (that the kids had drug to the middle of the deck to use as a picnic table), but it admittedly needs repainting anyways. I’m just thankful that they didn’t break the glass.

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