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A Case Of The Mondays

on March 5, 2012

I am in a stage of grief today. In mourning. Dealing with a loss. Last night I lost a dear, beloved, cherished, prized possession friend. A month(ish) ago, my dear partner (aka a laptop) met a child-induced demise. A week(ish) ago my free unlimited data ran out on my phone (which means no more internet on my phone). And last night, as we were preparing for bedtime, and I was looking forward to reading the final chapters of a book that has been a real page turner, I helped my tablet reach its highest color potential. Unfortunately that means that my screen is shattered. And while the plethora of colors shooting lines across my screen could be seen as pretty, it’s not quite what I had planned for it’s functions.

Warranties, oh thank goodness for warranties… hubbyman assured me he’d gotten the extra warranty on the laptop. Turned out he hadn’t, or the sales person had duped him into thinking it was already included. And I did purchase the extra covers-anything-and-everything-my-children-could-possibly-do warranty on my tablet. But the store declared bankrupcy and has gone out of business. So out of business that when you attempt to go to their website, it takes you to another store’s website that says, “Yay! We bought all your information from the other store, so you should shop with us now!” (Ok, so I may be paraphrasing a little.) And the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover the screen. Ever. Period. To the point that you can’t even pay them to fix it.

Have I mentioned lately that there used to be an antenna on the back of the computer? Really, no? Well, there used to be one. And it used to help the computer pick up the wi-fi signal. Somehow, something came and pulled it off. So now the computer barely picks up the signal (meaning when it works, it’s slow and sporadic). That is, if it picks it up at all. Which it most often does not.

*Sigh* Hopefully your Monday started on a better note than mine!

And I’m off to clean up my house after a weekend of house guests (and fun)…since I don’t have all my technological distractions, I’m running out of excuses for not cleaning. Crap.

3 responses to “A Case Of The Mondays

  1. dislike!! That sounds like a crappy way to start the week. Hope you have some sunshine in the form of a newer, sleeker, highly warrantied laptop soon!!

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