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Embracing My Inner Foodie

on February 13, 2012

So, the hubbyman and I have been talking. About living healthier, mainly, but that’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle. In fact, last night, he whipped up a batch of homemade shampoo. And has plans for soaps, lotions, and a plethora of other household essentials. Because just as we believe the foods we eat and put into our bodies are very important, we also believe that the things we put on our body are equally as important.  We’ve long been using cleaning products that are more organic, more environmentally friendly (both the earth’s environment and my children’s). But now we’re going the extra steps. My kids (unfortunately for them) come from grandparents (and me) on both sides that have a long list of allergies and sensitives, both for foods and products you use in the house or on your body. So that gives us the extra incentive to go as natural as possible. Plus, it’s pennies on the dollar when you make it from home. Who doesn’t like when an added bonus is less money?! So we’re jumping in!

We’re also planning a weekend on helping some friends with their cooking. I’m not sure if they’re hoping to go GF or just homemade, but I can help with both! This was prompted when I ran into our natural food store this weekend. I went in to grab some easy GF things to send with the big kids who were doing an overnight with their Aunt and Uncle (and their newborn baby goat). Turns out they were having an anniversary sale, and you could hardly walk through the aisles. It was a good sale and I grabbed a few things (like GF noodles for over 50% off! Yes, thank you!). As I was looking through the noodles, and grabbing a variety of them. A lady next to me was looking over all the boxes and bags and seemed a little lost. I must’ve been audibly excited when the vegetable noodles (you know, the colored spirals of red-tomatoes-, green-spinach, and plain- rice). Because she turned to me with big, help-me-I’m-lost eyes and asked, do your kids like those? I smiled and told her, yes, they really do. And they like the colors. And this is a really good deal on them. She nodded and looked back at all the noodles. Then she said, people told me that diet, and wheat really could make a difference in my son. I didn’t believe them, and just fed him what I wanted. And then I paid attention. And I could see the visible difference in his behavior when he ate wheat. And now I just feel so guilty that I didn’t make those changes earlier, and I have no idea where to start. She let a couple of tears escape and I just wanted to hug her! I told her my daughter has Celiac and we struggled for a year trying to find out what it was that she was intolerant of. (The longer she ate things with wheat- the more things she became intolerant of. Since going GF, we’ve been able to add the other things back in, without reactions.) She asked questions like, What can you make with the noodles? I laughed, even though I completely understood her feelings -and was there myself not so long ago-, but because I make everything we used to eat. Just a little different. And in quite a few cases, even better than it was before. I gave her some ideas, things I do for my kids that they like (and are quick and easy). And I told her that in times of babysitters, or when you just don’t have the time, they do have some things that are premade. So there are options. She heaved a big sigh and said, I came here to get noodles and things, I just didn’t know how lost I would be. Thank you so much. And it reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place. To share. To help. At the time I started it, I was getting lots of requests for GF meals and ideas, and how to go gluten free, and how to go more homemade. And how to do it all on a real-life, family-friendly budget.

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten away from that side of this blog. But I am hoping to pick up the slack, at least a bit. I’m by no means an expert and nothing near a GF Martha Stewart. But I am a mom, who’s in the throws of it all. So maybe we can commiserate. Maybe I’ll have some ideas for you. Maybe you’ll have some ideas for me! So if you have questions or ideas, please- pass them my way! Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting regular doses of my wonderful personality and thoughts, I’ll just be throwing in some foodie posts along the way!

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  1. winsomebella says:

    I enjoy all versions of your blog!

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