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A Warning Sign

on February 1, 2012

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? I wasn’t aware that I did, but after being awake for a few hours (maybe it just takes me until my coffee has fully downloaded before I’m truly aware), that is where I’ve found myself. I kind of feel it’s not fair, that you can wake up, and not realize that you’re about to get up on the wrong side of the bed! I’d like to find someone who can invent me a sign that will flash- WRONG SIDE! or OTHER SIDE, QUICK! or better yet, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR CHILDREN, GO TO OTHER SIDE! before my feet hit the ground. I mean, those sound like warnings I would probably heed. And I think a warning is fair.

I think I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. You see, I was planning a birthday party for biggest E, but before I actually sent out invitations, hubbyman decided he didn’t think the kids should have birthday parties every year (I know right, who threw the wet towel on him?!). The grandparents have talked him back into it though. I’ll admit that last year, Big E and Miss E had pretty big birthday parties. And since they’re still young, parties for them include their friends and their friends’ parents (I’m not complaining, their friends, are our friends’ children), not to mention all our families. So it ends up being a complete houseful and I plan foods and games and crafts… it’s memorable. And Big E has been talking about having a Cat in The Hat birthday party (completely with a cake that looks like The Cat’s hat), pretty much since the day after his last birthday party. Sooo… that’s what he’s getting, and I’ve had less than a week to plan for it. Now I have today, and the following 2 days to get it all together. And since it’s so last minute, it’s looking like none of his little friends can attend (he’s at the age where girls have cooties and therefore requested that only boys be invited)… so I’m trying to make it extra special so that he feels like the day is just a special thing for him and not focus on the fact that there’s no other kids! And that’s not to mention the housecleaning that will need to be done before everyone shows up. Thankfully, I have been pretty on top of things at home the last couple of weeks, so that’s not something I’m panicking about, just something that needs to be kept up with. What does annoy me is the fact that my laptop is broken (and still unreplaced), so I can’t bring it with me around the house, to casually look through ideas while doing laundry or playing with the kids. If I’m at the computer, I have to literally be at the computer. Feels so primal after the conveniece of my little computer that went everywhere with me.  I’m in mourning over the loss of my friend. That’s right, I just referred to a computer as my friend. And no, it is not an inanimate object, hello… it has the capability to poke or tweet. That is not inanimate, my friends. It can also play me songs, or movies, or let me read funny blog postings in the middle of the night when a baby has woken up and I can’t fall back to sleep. So yes, it is my friend, and I’m sad about the loss of her. (Obviously, it is/was a female. All that multitasking, it had to be female.)

Ok, breakfast is over, coffee has been drank, and my day must continue. And since I can’t carry this hunk-a-chunk computer with me, this is where we must part. I wonder if there’s a right or wrong side of the office chair to get out of? With my luck, the right side is probably the one next to the wall where there’s no room to get out of. *Sigh. Face to palm.*

One response to “A Warning Sign

  1. Letjoy says:

    The way you feel about your laptop is how I feel about my smart phone. Although I think I world like a tablet

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