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Mayhem Delight

on December 19, 2011

I have sooo many things I want to share with you… and I wish there were time to do so! I know I am not alone when I say that I am having some trouble not succumbing to the busyness this time of year tends be overtaken by. We’ve had lots of laughs, a few tears, and many prayers. And they’ve all been necessary! We’ve had family come in from China (much to the surprise and delight of my oldest), we’ve had family come visit our home for the first time, we’ve had family health scares, and somehow we had nearly 50degree weather- in Minnesota! In December! All wrapped into a Christmas weekend. Every time I breathe a sigh of relief, thinking things will settle down now, I remember that next weekend is actually Christmas!

But there have been little things that have gotten me through the craziness- a friend coming to help me get ready and calm down before everyone got here, quiet moments with each of my kids when they were feeling overwhelmed by the chaos, and the cuddle/play time we enjoyed as a family once there was some sense of calm in the house again! After a very full weekend with a very full house, today we are doing some vegging. I have not even done the dishes (sorry, honey). But I have held three children in my lap, watched a Christmas movie, sang some Christmas songs, put together and played with new toys, and promised that yes, we should have more play days. Because I like days where I just play with you too. 

And while I may have to try and exchange some things I got the kids (or else they’d have doubles, or very similar), I am happy that they have a family they love and trust and that knows my little ones so well that they knew exactly they would like.

I’ve been typing while I put my littlest to sleep for nap time, and nap time is now in session. And I spy some “bigger” kids who are looking as if they could use some playtime with their mama, or the “bad tiger” as they commonly request me to be. Which means I will be chasing them and growling until my voice goes hoarse and my knees are sore. I am thankful neither of them know how to take videos yet.

7 responses to “Mayhem Delight

  1. winsomebella says:

    Everyone should have more play days. Enjoy!

  2. Beth says:

    you have some very blessed children … always follow your heart and play, play, play….marmie

  3. Letjoy says:

    Everyone I spend time with you and your family I find myself missing you guys in the following days. I hope things slow down and you and I can spend time together

  4. Karyl says:

    You are such a great Mom! 🙂

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