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There Are No (Appropriate) Words

on December 7, 2011

Today I’ve been feeling a little sub par, and it seemed like no matter how I tried to pretend I was feeling good and could be productive (we’ll have around 13 adults and 6 children under 5 in a week and a half in our home to celebrate Christmas!), every time I turned around, I’d run smack into something to remind me of how crappy I was feeling, along with unproductive. Like how I heard Littlest scamper down the stairs to join his siblings in play, and thought it would be a good time to throw some things in the laundry. By the time I’d switched out clothes from the dryer and the washer and reloaded the washer… I came upstairs to this pleasant surprise. We had girl cheese (as my MissE pronounces it) with tomato soup for lunch only minutes earlier, and the table had yet to be cleared. Littlest found a spoon and was feeding himself a slurp from every cup… unfortunately most of it ran down his front and onto the table, where he discovered he liked the feeling of it squishing between his toes. Needless to say, a bath ensued as he had tomato soup from head to toe and a plethora of places in between. And as this is just one example for the day (he also pulled over the Christmas tree…), these are all the words I care to say out loud. I hope you can understand, and maybe even sympathize. If you can babysit, that would even be better

Just in case you couldn't clearly see the mess

13 responses to “There Are No (Appropriate) Words

  1. Oh, heavens. I suddenly feel better about my day.

  2. Isn’t it great that you feel under par, the lovely tomato soup artwork appeared, and the tree came tumbeling down a week and a half before everyone arrives, instead of as they arrive? You get a week and a half to get it all perfect!! It will happen! Sit back and let it go for a few days! You got time!

  3. Shelly says:

    It’ll work out! We’ll come and we all work together to make it happen. Remember….we’re pretty easy….we don’t expect perfection…JUST HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you lots and hope your day gets better. In a couple hours look at your Littlest Es picture and appreciate the humor in it 🙂

  4. Oh, I know you wouldn’t think any less of me if I didn’t get everything done… but I still want to! 🙂

  5. I feel awful for you! Virtual hug from me to you!!!! Take some time out for yourself during this crazy season….even if it is just five minutes.

  6. Karyl says:

    You poor thing! I remember the days. My son’s way of telling me he was done eating was to throw the plate from his high chair onto the floor! Once he thew black eyed peas over every wall. Not to mention unfolding every laundry item I folded!

  7. Oh my. Reminds me of when my Sarah got into the vaseline and smeared it all over herself and on a good part of the house, too.

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