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Busy Hallowday!

on October 31, 2011

This is going to be a great day (*fingers crossed, prayers prayed!*)!!  I am so looking forward to all the fun things we have going on today! First I have to do some general after-the-weekend-cleaning, but then we’re going to make delicious black velvet Halloween cupcakes. And then we’re going to do some decorating with the big box of Halloween decorations that included lots of cute pumpkins. And a skeleton who is so old that only one of his eyes work anymore (he glows in the dark and thanks to batteries, his eyes flash), so it just looks like he’s winking. Which Big E totally loves, because that is his specialty.

I may have mentioned this before, but my hubby does not like soup. If I make soup he’ll look all over the kitchen and ask, What else did you make? Unfortunately, I looove soup, as do the kids. So while I don’t make it very often, I do still make it. I just tell him to (as my 12 yr old brother loves to say:) Grab a straw and suck it up! Anyways, because of his non-love of soup, I have turned an old favorite, into a casserole dish. Ham and potato. It’s sooo yummy. And I’m thinking it will be perfect before heading out into the cold tonight! And today, since I love finding ways to simplify things, especially recipes, I am attempting it in the crockpot! And I am anticipating a huge success!!

I am so excited to get the little ones all dressed in their costumes and take millions of pictures of their sweet little faces! So excited!! And we didn’t even wait until the night before to finish any costumes! Pumpkins are all carved, painted, glow-lighted and ready to be carried outside!! Which reminds me- I have some pumpkin seeds to toast! Which brings me back to all I have to do today…. oooh and find my camera!! I better get right on that… as soon as I finish this sooooo yummmy pumpkin pie latte! Hope you all have a happy, safe, and well (photo) documented day!!! Be sure to post pictures on the page ( of you and yours!! And be sure to  tell me what your Halloween meal looks like!! Growing up we always had chili and pumpkin pie. As an adult I normally make my hubby a pumpkin cheesecake… hmm, I really better get moving.

4 responses to “Busy Hallowday!

  1. Wine slushie? I’m intrigued…

  2. Hope you had a great day! We went out for burgers on Halloween. They postponed trick-or-treating in my town because of storm damage and power outages! Such a bummer!

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