Where Whine Meets Wine

Very Pin-teresting

on October 19, 2011

What do you do when you’re sick? What do you do when your kids are sick? They actually haven’t watched too many movies this week, as we’re all feeling a little run down and blah. We have read countless books, done lots of snuggling, and turned the house into a disaster. I tried to convince myself to stay up last night and get some things done, but I only lasted about 20 minutes.

I also have found a new love. I joined a while ago and thought it was cool but never spent any time getting to know it, using it, or anything else…until now. (I had to find something to do while the kids watched a Barney Halloween for the third day in a row.) Pinterest. I can tell already it’s going to be an addiction. I really think anyone and everyone will love it. But if you have any special interests, such as cooking, decorating, crafting, or anything artistic…you’re probably going to have to warn your spouse, significant other, best friend that you’re going to be busy for the… foreseeable future. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but seriously, once you start pinning, it’s hard to stop! There’s just so many completely awesome things!

I came across this and seriously, I feel like telling my daughter this every night before she goes to sleep (I won’t, but I hope she really, really listens to this.).

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