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Secrets to (a long, happy) Marriage

on October 7, 2011

I’m  not sure where this originated. I got it in one of those, been-forwarded-to-a-million-people because if you don’t you’ll get bad luck for life, or will never meet your soul mate, and will never make a million dollars. I kept it in my inbox because it was so funny. So today when I saw this was also floating around facebook…I figured it was an omen. So to avoid any bad fortune, I’m sharing this with you. Kidding. I just love it. And can totally see hubbyman and I having this conversation. In jest of course. Enjoy!

3 responses to “Secrets to (a long, happy) Marriage

  1. Domestiç Reclusë says:

    LOL I love that pic, that’s hilarious but sweet. Maybe that’s the key to a long and healthy marriage — a sense of humor..? 😉

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