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Thankfully Friday

on July 15, 2011

So I forgot all about yesterday being Thursday and failed to do an “Impressively Simple” post…boo on me. I actually had forgotten about today being Friday… so when I remembered that, I remembered what I should’ve done yesterday. But what I did do yesterday was get the whole upstairs of my house deep cleaned, organized, and even rearranged! Yay me! Which is very impressive, and not at all simple! : )

The things I’m thankful for this week…

  • Uncles who take the big ones on a movie date (how else could I have gotten it clean?!)
  • A sweet little boy who was happy to just play near me while I cleaned!
  • A husband who believes in living as organically as I do (maybe even more!)
  • living so close to the farmer’s market!
  • impromptu visits with like-minded friends
  • A garden that is chalk full of growing peppers!! (mmm, just think of all the yummy salsa!)
  • A bowl full of raspberries picked from my very own yard
  • Rain! (you won’t hear me say that very often) It’s keeping the imminent heat wave at bay!
  • A gray day that is encouraging us to cuddle up together and just have a day of snuggling and play!
  • While there are dishes to do, and toys to pick up… upstairs is organized! I am SO thankful for that! Seriously, feng shui for sure! I feel so much better to have that done!!
  • that I have friends to make plans with! (friends I have made plans with this week and for next)
  • The fact that it’s Friday and hubbyman will be home for the weekend!!!

And my littlest boy turned ONE!! (I'm not really sure I'm thankful that my last baby is growing up... no, no, I am... just... waah! *sobs*)


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