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Times a Million

on July 13, 2011

Last night something happened that makes everything I do worth while. Times like a million. 

Most nights hubbyman is in charge of putting the bigger 2 to bed. Which usually entails these rituals: put jammies on, brush teeth, each pick out a book, take turns with whose book gets read first (listen to the argument over who’s book was read first last time), read said books, say prayers, turn lights off.

Well, last night, when they’d finally reached the bedtime prayer time, Miss E asked if she could pray for mommy being home. (*feel free to insert your “awww” here*) Which is sweet enough in itself, but coupled with the fact that she normally says she wants to pray, but doesn’t usually actually do it -at least outloud- makes the next part especially tear-jerking. She prayed, and thanked God for a mommy who stays at home with her.

And it’s the little moments like these that confirms why we’ve chosen to have me home with the kids, reaffirms the benefits to having a parent at home, and makes all the thanklessness of the daily routines all worth while. Times a million. And three.

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