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Oh for the love

I don’t know how to explain it, but this last week I have been awarded 3 blogging awards! The Liebster Award, I was so graciously awarded last week, the Versatile Blogger Award for my 3rd time (! and !), and for the first time the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you, thank you to the clever cooker over at The Confluent Kitchen for the nomination love! If you haven’t been over to her blog and want to find recipes that are every-day-people friendly but extraordinarily impressive! Seriously. She make cheese making look like a breeze. Phenomenal.

Part of the deal is to share ten things that the readers don’t know about me. Since the top five readers are family, this could be a problem. I figure if there are things they don’t know at this point in my life, it’s probably because I don’t want them to know. But I’ll see what I can come up with.

  1. My daughter refuses to be referred to as smart, funny, silly, lucky or anything else… other than pretty.
  2. My youngest is fearless. I know people say that about their kids. But it’s really true about Littlest E. To go down slides he just steps onto them and goes down however he lands. And he’s ok with it. He has no fear of heights or falling and rarely cries. When he sees a family member coming down the road on a 4-wheeler, he squeals with glee. He is so his father’s child, and he’s on a year and a half! It’ll be a miracle if I survive him heart attack free!
  3. Biggest is my sensitive boy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s all dirt and grime and as long as there’s no blood that usually equals no pain for him (seriously, he dented a wall with his head and didn’t even flinch), but he does not want anyone to be mad, sad, or unhappy with him. This will be my saving grace in his parenting, because without that, he’d probably be as fearless as his brother.
  4. This probably isn’t new news to a lot of you, but I’m adding it anyhow (because it’s one of my favorite things). Hubbyman was my first kiss, way back when.
  5. Occasionally, hubbyman and I eat something that has gluten in it. We always regret it. Thankfully, we’re learning out lesson and are not giving in to the laziness that usually drives us to eat (instead of make) said food.
  6. I get to be the support person/doula-in-training at my nephew’s birth and I am sooo excited!
  7. I am hyper-sensitive/emotional about my children’s baby things in the face of not having any more babies of my own. Seriously, Biggest wrapped a toy of his to give to his cousin-to-be. Sweet, right? Did I mention I bought it for him when I was pregnant with him, and he’s loved it and kept it in his bed ever since he was born? I almost had a full-blown panic attack watching it get passed around the baby shower with everyone touching and squishing it and playing with it. Yes, they thought the story was sweet. No, I did not klepto it and take it back home. Even though I wanted to. I saw a baby book in my nephew-in-waiting’s future nursery that was one my children loved and was a special book between them and their daddy (It’s called Daddy kisses and it is adorable.). That did make me panic. I became like a 2 year old wanting to grab it and run and hide. After a night of sleep I recalled how when I looked through all of our many, many books to see which ones we could share with our new family member, how I thought of my brother reading this to his son and getting to share in those special moments with him, much like hubbyman had gotten to do with his Biggest Boy.  (So, dear sister-in-law, it is yours to keep and I promise you won’t find it missing. I’m not sure I can promise that about the turtle. You may want to hide that in my presence. I’m sorry.) It’s ridiculous. And I can’t even help it.
  8. Despite my previous confession, I am a little less baby-fever-frenzy lately. I think it helps that people I love are having babies. Babies I will love. And it will definitely benefit us all.
  9. I think I always (or at least since having children) knew I wanted to be a doula. But as I sat with my brother and sister-in-law, talking about their hopes for the labor and the birth and each of our roles during those precious moments, I felt energized and re-affirmed in my desire to continue pursuing this. (And I am so, so, so blessed and thankful they are letting me be a part of this special time!)
  10. My love language is food. Ok, so I’m not sure any of this information is new or all that important, but there you have it anyways.

I will be back to my regular programming tomorrow! This week I hope to have maple syruping galore! (I am blessed to be a part of a wonderful, maple syruping family!) I’m very excited about all the photos! As well as reviews of some wonderful, natural products- and man, do they smell good!! So be sure you stay tuned! (I know, I know, you’re on the edge of your seats!)


They like me! They Really like me!

As Friday is normally the day I post about thankfulness, what better to start with than how thankful I am to the Domestic Recluse for awarding me this!  Be sure to check her out as well. She is an honest, outspoken woman with words worthy of reading! *ahem* But wait until you’re done reading my words, of course! I am always amazed by the array of people that follow along on this journey with me! Yes, my moms (both mine and hubbyman’s), are probably my most avid readers and supporters, but after them, the majority are people I would not have expected. (Except for you, of course I expected you!) 😉 But I am ever so thankful for each and every one of you!

There is great responsibility that goes along with every priviledge… and here are the responsibilities that go along with this award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you!
  2. Add the award pic to your blog post.
  3. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers and let them know about it!
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself.

Ok, well 1 and 2 can be checked off the list. Now I think I’ll skip to number 4, because I love the other blogs so much, I’m a little afraid you’ll skip right out of mine and forget to come back! (Kidding. But seriously…)

  1. My whole family, both immediate and extended, are filled with artsy, creative, talented people… somehow I did not get that gene.
  2. My husband has a lot of foods he “claims” to dislike. I take that as a challenge. And 9 times out of 10, he likes it, at least when I make it. Either that or he just wants to continue being fed. I’m choosing to go with my cooking is just that good.
  3. My children think the best form of entertainment possible is when I dance, and sing, and act out songs. It’s ridiculous but they love it. They frequently tell me, Mom, you should perform this for Daddy when he gets home. Or Want me to do a movie on the camera of your performance? I then bribe their silence with candy.
  4. I truly believe that life is just not long enough to drink bad coffee. That said sometimes I am just too desperate to do anything but drink that bad coffee. Hey, sometimes hubby’s super dark french roast is all that’s left and in those cases, well, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  5. (Mom: Don’t read this!): Growing up, I despised the holiday season. Everything about it. Ok, maybe not everything, but lots of things. It is really only as I’ve been a mother that I’ve come to appreciate the season again. It’s hard to be all grinchy when you have three little people watching you who think Christmas and all that it entails is completely magical. I’ve even found myself listening to Christmas music. Don’t tell my mom, as she is the type to start listening to Christmas music in October, and you can be sure I’ve always given her a hard time about it.  I’ll never hear the end of it! (I told you not to read this, Mother!)
  6. Sometimes I hide from my children. Ok, technically I’m not actually hidden, but occasionally when I see them walking by, in obvious search of me, I just watch and don’t say anything.
  7. I am terrible about surprises. At least when it comes to my husband (I can’t help it- I always want to tell him things!) Or at least when it comes to gifts. Seriously. I got hubbyman the coolest gift, one that I knew he’d be super excited about! Only to tell him what it was within 24 hours of its purchase. He half guessed, and then laughed at me for quite some time at my lack of patience. I still intend to wrap it up though!

Ok, now onto the bloggers! Here’s what the Versatile Blogger Award Blog had to say about how to pick the blogs to pass the love along to:

”When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.  Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.  And, have fun!”

I love lots of blogs and love perusing through random ones as frequently as I can find the time. Here are some that I make a point (ones I’ve been following for some time and some that are still fairly new to me!) to check out!

Ok, I’m taking a quick shortcut here. Because I was awarded this award previously (here), and have already awarded some of my favorites, and the rest have all been awarded by others…. I’m just going to give you my go to list, in no particular order, and trust they know how wonderful I think they are, and hope you enjoy them as well! (If you happen to be one of these bloggers and have never been awarded this, and would like to be- consider this my official awarding- and pass it on!) 🙂

  1. Becoming Cliche (Funny, real, terrific)
  2. If I Were Brave (witty, smart woman who takes life one microbravery at a time!)
  3. Everyday Love, Unforgettable Joy (a sweet lady who posts things about life as a new mom to funny things students say)
  4. Living Is a Process (A lovely writer-lady living a unique life, taking it one step and one word at a time. Her posts are both thought and emotion provoking.)
  5. Stuff I Can’t Put On Facebook (she frequently posts things that truly make me laugh out loud!)
  6. Delete Wheat (Full of wonderful gluten free recipes and life as a gluten free household/person with celiac)
  7. Winsome Bella (Her photographs are beautiful, her stories epic. Reading her posts are always like reading a good book- they always leave you wanting more!)
  8. Lesley Carter (I just love her life. I imagine there are few people who wouldn’t feel slight twinges of *I wish that was me* reading about all her adventures and world travels.)
  9. Searching For Middle Ground (I share her love of pinterest! And she covers a wide variety of things- from home improvement, to how to maintain a healthy outlook on body issues. I genuinely enjoy her.)
  10. Not Ever Still Life  (she also had 3 kids in less than 4 years- I feel like we’d get along!)
  11. We’re Jumpin’ (wife and mother, we have lots in common!)
  12. Uniquely Normal Mom (a green living, money-wise, God-loving jewel of a woman!)
  13. Ragamuffin PC (pastor, writer, friend. His words and poignant and thought provoking.)
  14. Enjoying Healthy Foods (a sweetheart of a lady with wonderful, real life recipes. she is the go-to-guru when I’m not sure how to cook veggies, she’s always got great advice and ideas!)
  15. I wasn’t sure I could think of a 15th and now it turns out, I have like at least ten more that I want to share…. instead I will leave you with this one:  My Big Cloth Adventure! (It’s Brand new, but I guarantee it’s going to be good!!)

And there we have it… that took a lot longer than I thought it would!