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Football For Life!

I am a girl who very much likes football. Really. My whole little family could be a walking Viking commercial. (In looking for pictures to post, I found I had more pictures of us in Viking gear than I thought and had a hard time choosing!) I like football, in general,so much I will (willingly) watch games that are not featuring “my team.” Now before the rest of my contemporaries throw me under the bus for “betraying  my kind,” know that it is a great bonding time with my hubbyman, one that the kids have gotten in on. Seriously, Big E would sit and watch a whole game with his daddy when he was too little to be watching tv! And they love “our” team so much that they have a hard time accepting that a) there are any other teams, b) anyone would cheer for any other team, and c) that their beloved Vikings could not win a game. (All Viking fans have this problem, I’m sure. Please, withhold your laughter. It’s bad enough to be a fan. Don’t kick us while we’re down.) I came across this video via the f’book this morning and laughed watching it…and I assure you, you will too. And if you’re not laughing, you are probably commiserating.

This is just too hilarious, sad, and true…and anyone that knows my children, knows how easily this could have been a video of one of them (I know I already said this, but it bears repeating!)! In fact, when I showed them this video, they responded in 3 ways:

Watching a game with daddy. Really.

Big E: The Vikings show? Is it time for the Viking show now?

Me: No, that was a couple days ago.

Big E: Did you forget to tell me what time it was?

Me: No, you watched a little bit of it, but you were watching a movie in the playroom instead.

Big E: I don’t think you told me the Viking show was on. Daddy would have wanted me to watch the Viking show with him. He likes me to see them win and do the touchdown.

Me: I know he does. But the Vikings didn’t win this time.

Big E: (getting very upset) Yes, they did.

Me: I wish they had, trust me, but they didn’t win this time.

Big E: I am never going to trust you because I did want them to win and I didn’t want to watch a movie instead of the Viking show.

MissE in Viking apparel via Grama

Miss E: Why is that little girl crying?

Me: Because she wanted the Vikings to win.

Miss E: Did they not do many touchdowns?

Me: No, they did not do many touchdowns.

Miss E: (begins to cry) but I only like it when the Vikings win.

Me: I know, me too.

Miss E: (Throws herself on the couch, while crying) You should never say the Vikings didn’t win. They only win.

Daddy and "the big 2"- before they were big

Littlest E: (pointing at computer screen) Baby

Me: She’s bigger than you. You are the baby.

Littlest E: (pointing at computer screen) Baby! (pointing at himself) Big boy!

Me: This argument is going to go as well as the Vikings loss…

Littlest at a Viking's game!

Even my littlest man thinks it's shocking how bad the Vikes are this year!


How We Survive

So as I was doing the dishes, I thought I was overhearing a rather sweet moment passing between Littlest E and MissE. I poked my head into the living room to catch them in a hug, smiled at their sweetness, and went back to the dishes. Only to catch the last few words of what MissE was actually saying.

That’s right you little boy, I’m never going to let you go. You’re not going to get passed me and get my dolly.

That’s right that sweet moment I’d just witnessed was really a hostage situation. She was afraid he was going to get her doll (probably with good reason, they do tend to want whatever toy is prized.) and she was going to do anything she could to make sure that didn’t happen. Apparently including keeping him clamped in her grip.  Finally Littlest started to fuss and complain about the hostage situation and so I poked my head back in. saying, “Miss E, you know if you’d let go of your brother you’d have a free hand to actually play with your dolly.” To which she scrunched up her pretty little face, heaved a huge sigh, and spouted off with, Ahh! This is never going to work! I tried to stifle my laughter and asked her, What isn’t going to work? I want to play with Littlest. Well, it looks like he wants to play with you too. But he keeps touching my toys. You want him to play with you without touching the toys? Yeah. I just want him to watch me play with my toys. That’s how he can play with me. 

With his ever-perfecting comedic timing, Littlest walks back in with his sister’s trash can, takes one look at her, shakes his head, and sticks the basket on his head (it goes to his belly) and walks out.  *Sigh* I know how he feels. So if you happen to see me walking around with a trash can or basket on my head, don’t worry about it, it’s a means of survival around here.


Wheelin’ And Dealin’

So I’m trying to make a deal with Littlest E about wearing his diapers, and if he’s not wearing them, where he should be going potty. Right now it seems like we’re at floor 12 – potty 4. He really is young for potty training, but he hates diapers. He takes them off as soon as a droplet of anything hits the diaper, if he leaves it on long enough for any droplets to hit. He frequently can be found stripping off his diaper and then taking aim at the floor. Thankfully it’s just the pee version that hits the floor. The other form of potty is saved for the actual potty. Which is awesome! I should mention, he is 15 months old, so the fact that he uses and wants to use, and requests to use, the potty at all is pretty freakin’ amazing/exciting. So how exactly do you make a deal with a 15 month old? I’m not sure. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them my way!  I’m thinking I’ll test out duct tape and super tight pants. Skinny jeans would be hard to peel off (especially over cloth diapers!), right?? Maybe I could make pants with the duct tape? Lets see him shimmy outta that!

As soon as I’d typed these words in, I turned around to see Littlest Man sans diaper and hunched over….

Me: Ah!! *Littlest E*!!

MissE: Mom, he doesn’t like diapers. But don’t let him go potty on the floor. That’s gross.

Me: I know.

MissE: Then don’t let him do that.

Me: I didn’t let him do that. 

MissE: Then why didn’t you put him on the potty?

Me: I thought he was wearing a diaper, and he’s still kinda little to understand when to use the potty. And Ididn’t think he could get his diaper off while it was under his pants.

MissE: You were wrong.

Me: Obviously. Let’s get his diaper with the snaps, and go find some duct tape.

In other news, we may be getting some snow tonight and tomorrow… any chance anyone knows a good deal I can make to have two summers in a row, instead?

Happy Monday folks! May your day be filled with clean clothes, fresh food, and dry floors.


I Really Am

We’ve had so much going on, for what feels like forever. While I always have things to be thankful for, sometimes by the time Friday night rolls around, I’m not all that thankful it’s the weekend. Because it means projects or running, or both, or me going places with the kids so that hubbyman can complete the projects! Last weekend was a wonderful weekend with the pumpkin patch and a somewhat decent football game. This weekend should be terrific as well! I actually don’t know our plans beyond tonight, but I love that!! After a much needed girls’ night in to watch some of our favorite shows, tonight we are having one of our favorite couples over! The hubbies were military men together, so we’ve been friends for a while! It’s so nice to have friends like them! We have our anniversary coming up, so instead of wearing our babysitters thin, (and because our friends don’t mind- they like our kids, and our kids like them) we are having another night in. I’m very excited about the food! They’re bringing burgers, and I’m making those delicious onion rings, trying out the mozzarella sticks, and hubbyman requested some form of potato. He said we could do them on the grill, which is relieving to me! (Because it means they won’t be my responsibility!) I’m in a great mood today… especially when you consider the fact that Littlest E woke up continuously from around 4 and didn’t go back to sleep until 6ish, just in time for daddy’s alarm to wake him up. Thankfully, he did go back to sleep after all three rounds of the snooze button. Miss E was up in the night too, but since I was occupied with a little person already (and really hubbyman usually assists in “the big 2” during the night, which thankfully- isn’t very often), hubby went to get her. I don’t know what the deal was, but I know he came back to our bed with her. As long as it means we get sleep, I am ok with whatever sleeping arrangement is necessary!  And she’s actually still sleeping and it’s almost 10:30. This never happens with her. Like ever. I’m hoping that she just was up for a while in the night. She’s easy to put down the first time, but hard to get back to sleep if she’s woken up. Anyways… I’m chatty this morning, I guess. So back to being in a good mood in spite of it… oooh, did I mention the reason Littlest E was up? He’d taken his diaper off. And peed… all over me. That was fun. Anyhow, I washed us off, changed us (was very thankful that it didn’t get all over the bed) and there you go…. I think my adrenaline is just now starting to wear off, or maybe it’s just that this is the first I’ve sat down. The boys were playing quietly together and so I did the dishes, polished the sink, scrubbed the high chair, did a quick re-pick-up of the upstairs, made the boys breakfast, and then  had my coffee. That’s right, even after that night, I did all of those household chores before having my coffee… maybe I’m sick? Speaking of whining, I hear my little girl…  I’d better wrap this up.


So today, on this ever so thankful Friday, I am thankful:


  • for good friends! To go out with, to stay in with, to share our lives with!
  • For good food! (I’m hungry for the mozzarella sticks already!)
  • For good coffee (I bought hubbyman some French Roast because I could have sworn that he liked it. Turns out he likes it but its not his favorite, and I hate it. Can hardly swallow it, hate it. Can’t drown it with enough creamer hate it. Thankfully, I remembered to buy some coffee of my own since hubs is the weekend coffee maker.)
  • for a Saturday and Sunday of no plans (well, I have been working on a “honey do list” so there are some things I plan to get done!)

Honey Dew

  • for the wonderful weather we’ve had this week! And that we’ve gotten to enjoy it!
  • for how funny Littlest is. I know I’ve said this before, but seriously, he’s hilarious!
  • for how honest MissE is. I asked who wanted to share their snack with Littlest E, to which she replied, Um, not me very much.
  • for the way Biggest E will share and play with Littlest E.
  • for the way Littlest adores Biggest, it’s so sweet
OK, and now the tiredness is setting in, which means I’ve been sitting too long, so I’d better get up, pour another cup of coffee, and get movin’! Enjoy your weekend and remember to think about all the things you have to be thankful for!

The Skinless People

So I woke up today tired…I know, it’s shocking, right?! Ok, so it’s not shocking. But, I did wake up in a good mood and am finding delight in lots of things this morning. Like the fact that I remembered to buy more good coffee, so I don’ t have to gulp down hubbyman’s super dark roast. Or the smiles I get when the kids discover that I restocked our oatmeal supply, along with our supply of bananas! Littlest E was not as impressed with his own food and therefore got his breakfast from sneaking spoonfuls (and occasionally fist fulls) of his siblings’ food. Thankfully, his siblings didn’t seem to mind. They just sat there, the three of them, in a row, blissfully eating their breakfast. Or wearing it, depending on your point of view.

Because I’m finding delight in things, I thought I’d share a few things that maybe you would find some delight in too.

Last weekend, I was driving home from my parents, with all the kiddos in tow. It’s about an hourish drive. Which is just long enough to get lots of good stories in. It started with them asking me to tell them the story about when I used to have “a work” to go to… and then they started talking. MissE is crying (yet again) because she doesn’t want to leave Earth, and she doesn’t want to die. And Big E is excitedly talking about how he wants to go to Heaven. He just wants to go and see God’s face. (At which point his sister informs him that he doesn’t have to die to do that, he could just open up and try and see his heart.) He just kind of looks at her sister, and then asks, If I open me up, will I die and go to heaven? I ask him why he wants to go heaven right now, and this conversation followed:

I really just want to see God. And to see all the people who don’t have skin anymore and are just bones. 

Um, what?

You know, when you die all your skin melts off and you’re just bones.

(Insert Miss E crying and saying:) I want to keep my skin! Can we tell God to just make Earth be the Heaven and let us keep our skin, and give the already died people back their skin? 

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