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Here Comes The Tooth Doctor, Again

Ugh. I am one tired mama today. Littlest has his last teeth coming in. Can I just mention the fact that they’re big, huge molars? And my wouldn’t-ever-take-a-pacifier-if-his-life-depended-on-it baby has become obsessed with chewing on them. Since he never used them, we had 2, that MissE used with her dollies. Littlest has taken them over, and unfortunately, we are now down to one. But I know it’s just a phase and with his age, I’m hoping it passes before I lose the last one and am forced to break down and buy another one. And when you’re sleep deprived, or coffee deprived, it’s hard to clearly understand what all angry, fussing baby’s deal is.  I think I should just wear  his teething tablets around my neck. On the plus side, he didn’t wake up until 4am (and then slept/cuddled with me, until 8). Which is much better than midnight and 1am, and 2:30am, and 4am, and 6am… that it’s been for the past week.

Today is also take 2 on Biggest’s oral woes. It’s just heartbreaking. Part of it we could not have helped (his teeth have spots where there is no enamel, and the rest of them have very soft enamel) due to genetics and them developing that way in utero. We do, however, wish that we would have taken him in sooner and wonder about how different the results would’ve/could’ve been had we done so. We may have ended up here anyways, but you can’t help but be critical feel the mom guilt and wish for a different outcome, especially if it means less/no pain for your child. But we are neither here nor there. No, wait, we are here. So that’s what we’ve got. I’ve already got the jello cooking in the fridge. And by cooking, I mean chilling. If you didn’t understand that, there are bigger problems afoot.

But amidst of it all, there are things to be thankful for. I don’t know if you all are getting tired of my Thankful Fridays, but I have to tell you. I’m not. I mean, I am… it comes around and I feel like rolling my eyes and my heart’s not feeling very thankful. But I go through the motions. And in forcing myself to think of a list of things to be thankful for, I find myself truly feeling thankful. And I’m telling you, you should try it- especially if you don’t feel like it.

So here it is, here is my list, here is what’s in my heart today…

I am thankful that Biggest is still being very brave in the face of the bright lights of a dentist office. I am thankful the Dentists must be very gentle and nice, because he still says he really likes his teeth Doctors. I am thankful that hubbyman has taken it upon himself to take Biggest. Every. Single. Time. He has been gentle and thoughtful of his boy, and it sounds silly, maybe, but it has been a bonding thing for them. Did I mention he takes off of work to do this? That’s huge.



Fire! (Daddy took the day off after Biggest's first dental procedure and this is how they spent the afternoon)




















I am thankful that Miss E is showing some signs from losing some of her shyness. Normally she freezes completely when people (other than immediate family) talk to her, but yesterday she was willing to stay with new friends versus going somewhere with mommy. It’s pretty huge for her.

Playing with her big brother at the children's museum

I am thankful that Littlest finally slept a little better, and seems to be in better spirits today. I haven’t ventured my hand into his mouth to see if they’ve finally broken through (his teeth), because, well, he has no qualms about biting the hand that feeds him.

Yes, I am very handsome.

I am thankful for my mama friends and their little ones! It’s good for me and it’s good for the kids!

I am thankful for Maple Syrup! (Yes, you heard me right.) My family makes maple syrup! It’s my favorite time of year and we’re heading there this weekend- I’m so excited! Hopefully I remember my camera and take lots of pictures!

May you find lots of things (or at least one thing) to be thankful for today.

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Gotta Get Down On Friday

Today I’m thankful that I always have things to  be thankful for! A roof over my head, shoes on my feet, love in my heart… these are all pretty major things that not everyone in our world can claim.  I am thankful for creative and crafty friends who are willing to help me… see, I am creative. I have really great ideas. Unfortunately, in order for them to turn out the way I see them in my head- my artist husband has to do it for me. Thankfully he can see my visions and they turn out beautifully!

I am thankful to live within walking distance to our local grocery store, pharmacy, farmer’s market, and health food store. Along with multiple playgrounds and even a swimming beach. (If it’s a mile or less, I consider this walking distance.)

I am thankful for FOOTBALL!! That’s right, I said it! While lots of women seem to see this as a betrayal to our kind… I find that utterly ridiculous! Completely and utterly ridiculous! In fact, I may like football more than my husband does. While my hubbyman loves his (our) team; I love football. Don’t get me wrong, I love our team… but I like other teams too. I really just love football and while I was disappointed with the results of the opening game I am looking forward to the season opener (for us) this weekend! I have been going over recipes and blogs picking out the perfect game day foods! (Another reason I love football- the foods!)

And  I’m also thankful that I got MOST of the house cleaned yesterday, as it means I should be able to get the REST of it done today!

Before I forget- I’m also thankful it’s: Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! (You’re welcome- not get that out of your head!) While I don’t think it counts as “getting down” I am getting ready for some diaper making (wahoo! I truly am excited about this!) and I have a batch of Wine Slushies in the freezer in preparation (and obviously I’m thankful for that!)!


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