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A Good Tired

I had lots of plans for cleaning on Saturday, but the day came and went with only the bare minimum attended to. But we enjoyed a surprise visit from my parents (they were on the anniversary date that happened to include dinner in our area and couldn’t resist a quick visit with the grandkids!), lots of playtime and snuggles. This afternoon however, I got to it. And once I started the organizational process, I couldn’t stop myself! I started cleaning my bedroom (yes, dear, *our* bedroom) and ended up cleaning out and reorganizing our closet, cleaning out and organizing our storage space under the stairs, reorganizing the hall closet, and while those may not sound like huge feats, trust me when I say This was a huge feat. 2 goodwill bags, 2 trash bags, 3 bags of baby clothes intended for 3 different families, and it is such a good feeling! Oh, and I reorganized my gift wrapping box (it’s huge, I have everything). And I organized and put away all my sewing and crafting things. I’m pretty pleased with the way things turned out. Our storage space is usable and accessible, our closet is neat and orderly (and there are places for things and things in their places), and I have a laundry basket in our hall closet (linen closet) with hopes of dirty clothes no longer piling up on the bathroom floor. Have I ever mentioned I love organization and organizing? I do. I love finding ways to make things more efficient and simple. Love it.

The best part of all? I found my mother’s necklace (one of those ones that has the kids’ birthstones in it)!! I wanted to have Littlest’s added for Mother’s Day and have been searching (and I mean searching) since a week or so prior to Mother’s Day (you know, back in May). I thought I found the chain it was on in one of the kids’ bedrooms and was heartsick thinking that they must’ve gotten ahold of it, and that it was lost forever.  I was so relieved I almost cried! In fact, I’m a little surprised I didn’t. I probably would have it I wasn’t so hopped up on organization.

I still have a full day ahead of me tomorrow (you know how sometimes on the way to clean things become messier?), but for now I am just pleased with the results so far. On that note, anyone want to entertain three little monsters sweethearts while I enjoy my organizing? I will pay you in organization. You name the room and I will organize it.

*Littlest is 18 months today!  (*I admit it, I’m writing at midnight this ahead of time and setting it to post tomorrow morning, but it’s just after midnight, so technically I wrote this “today.”*) How on earth did that happen?!  I’m pretty sure that yesterday I was just taking Biggest home from the Naval hospital. (Though those feelings may have been a bit of nostalgia due to going through all the baby clothes and preparing to say goodbye to the last of the baby clothes and toys! But seriously, time goes by so fast!)  Hold them close, laugh with them often, and teach them the importance of organization and organizational skills.

(I know I’ve used this photo before, but I just don’t care! And seeing how I listened to a good 20 minutes of my children telling me about how far away they intend to live – Ireland!- it seems fitting)


You’ve Gotta be Kidding Me!

Have you ever had one of those days where every time you turn around something happens that makes you throw your hands up in the air and ask the age-old question- Are You kidding me?! Well, that was my day yesterday…Dog completely emptying a full bag of trash and drag it all over freshly vacuumed kitchen and living room? Check. Children discovering where the suckers were hidden, and their sneaky-ness not being discovered until the 3rd sucker? Check and check. (hey, I was doing the laundry and they were the small suckers!) Baby repeatedly taking off freshly changed diaper, only to pee on the floor? Check. Check. And check.  Voices in the monitor when no one was in the room? Check.

Not the deer from my yard, but it coulda been! Imagine this running straight for you- from 15 yards away! (Clicking on the photo will take you to its source!)

8 point buck traipse through the yard? Check. Lady honk her horn long and loud enough to scare the deer from the road and instead straight back at me? Check. Life-flashing-before-eyes scream? Check.  Dog come out of nowhere to growl/bark/defend/scare away the deer? Check! (He may have redeemed himself a little here.) Deer continue to meander its way through the street, moseying from one yard to another. Sigh. And check. Check please?

Does saving my life cancel out the garbage dumping? I haven't decided yet.

Nap time? Check…. crap. No check.