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Life Begins After Coffee

Well, folks… there are some changes coming. Our family had agreed to do in-home daycare for some dear friends of ours. And they’ve since changed their minds. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to have been asked and excited to have a tiny baby in our home again… but I am relieved. I can’t say I’m not at all disappointed, but overall I feel like this is the best for everyone. They will likely use a center so that they don’t have to worry about what they’ll do if I get sick, and I will have the freedom to continue taking on doula clients instead of only being able to do “scheduled” ones. Plus, it means I have some freedom still with the kids- we can go on day trips to visit friends and family, and we can still leave early for weekend getaways, without having to wait until pick up and leaving at bedtime. These are real advantages. I figure I’ll settle for being friends and maybe they’ll let me babysit once in a while! (Yes, I do love babies *that* much!)

So… it means I need to set up a website for doula clients to find me, refine what my services will be, and fun things like that. Plus, we’re wanting to start selling some of our homemade personal products! So you can be looking forward to some giveaways in the near future! We’ve decided that since natural and organic and living with intention are things that we’re passionate about and believe in, we will offer the recipes along with the products! So if you want to make it yourself- fantastic! We’ll help you! Just want to try it out, before you invest in the ingredients? Perfect- we’ll sell you some samples. Or you just don’t want to go through the hassle of making it yourself, no big deal- we’ve got you covered! Sound exciting? I think so too!

And… my hubby is fixing my laptop!! I’m not sure if it was becomes of the time lapse, or just a different customer service rep, but they were no longer willing to cover shipping, and we will had to pay for the repairs… so he took it to work today to take it apart and check out if he could just buy a replacement screen and exactly what kind he’d need. Apparently it’s cheaper. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it happens before our big trip in June! Between no laptop and my tablet dying… (which we’d always used in place of getting a new portable dvd player) it may be a really long trip for the kiddos. So that’s pretty exciting. I’ve been waiting since February for that!

And because I have so many new and exciting things and adventures that I want to begin… I need some organization. At home. At my desk. In my life. So I’m signing off here (for today) and getting to it… but I couldn’t help but leave you with this first:

I need this put onto a tshirt. Then I could rotate between that one and my current favorite T, which reads: Life begins after Coffee. 


Winds of Change

Things are starting to get a little bit shaken up over here at the household full of E’s. (Seriously, I’m the only one in my house -other than the animals- that isn’t an E, did I ever mention that? My children think I feel left out, or that I should feel left out… I think it just makes me that much more special. Right?) Anyways, our house itself, is not in upheaval or anything. Ok, that’s a blatant lie. My house is pretty much always in a state of upheaval. Unless the children have gone to Grandma’s. What I’m really meaning is that things are changing over here.

Biggest is 5, and will be kindergarten age for this fall’s school session. We have decided (for numerous reasons) to homeschool. At least for kindergarten. We’ll take this year to feel our way out and see how we both feel about it. So we have been scouring the internet, fielding phone calls, and taking in numerous pamphlets via the good ‘ol USPS. It’s a little intimidating and a lot overwhelming. We think we’re settled. Now we just have to get our “school area” prepped and ready. Which means I need some more shelving. Which I’m hoping means a trip to The Container Store. (I love that place. Hubbyman took me there for Valentine’s Day last year- and I declared it the best Valentine’s Day ever. This is a true story.) So we’ve got that going on.

And… we’ve got the whole converting everything to homemade/non-chemical. I left some messages with some lovely etsy ladies yesterday on doing some reviews of their natural/homemade/chemical free home cleaning and personal products and in less than 24 hours I already have 2 in the works! This is SO exciting! Letjoy, of My Big Cloth Adventure, has been encouraging me to reach out to some retailers and start doing reviews. And I finally did it! So be on the lookout the next couple of weeks for a review and maybe a giveaway or two!

And… I’m going to be doing daycare for some very dear friends. They’re due in the fall. We just told them yesterday. They’re excited. I’m excited. We’ve been asked about doing daycare for a few other people. While I was always willing, it turned out, I didn’t always want to. And hubbyman has always been very adamant that my time at home be devoted to our children. He didn’t want them left out. And then there’s the deal of not being able to go places during the week. The thought of that always stressed me out when it was just the older 2. Now that there’s three. I really don’t do a whole lot of outings during the week. And I’m totally ok with that. I mean, we go to the park, we go to the farmer’s market, we go for walks, we play outside. We play inside. We do things, we just don’t drive places. And all the places I would feel I was “missing out” on (like walking to the farmer’s market, the park, or even the grocery store) are all walk-able. Even with an addition. And while, obviously, it won’t be the same as having my own brand new little baby. I am so happy to help with theirs. They are one of my favorite couples and I am so thoroughly excited for them. This was the first time where hubbyman and I were immediately like- we want to do this! And I’m excited to have a little baby I’ll get to snuggle on a daily basis! So while it will obviously mean some changes here, I am looking forward to it. Just as I am the rest of the changes goin’ on.  So bear with me as I’m trying to figure everything out and how to schedule it all out… and hold your breath until tomorrow. (Ok, don’t really, but it’s gonna be good.) I am going to share my super delicious ice cream cake that I made for hubbyman’s birthday a few weeks ago. And I may or may not have for lunch. (I got a piece out to have for lunch yesterday, and somehow ended up eating a salad. I’m not sure how that happened, but I promise not to let it happen again!)


The Decade (Since September 2001)

Now I know that today is not September 11th, but with all the talk about the Ten Year Anniversary, it certainly has had me thinking about it. Where we you that September moment? Just getting into your work day? Settling into history class? Maybe even still sleeping? Chances are you know where you were. I was a freshman in college. I remember the noise of the students milling around all talking at once. I didn’t know what was going on…sitting in English class a TV was rolled in and we watched with horror as Tower One burned and cried as we watched Tower Two get hit as well.

Maybe your life wasn’t drastically altered that day, or maybe it changed your life completely. I felt heartbroken and saddened. And watched as 3 classmates left school and went home to visit their families that were now forever altered. Along with countless other classmates that joined the Reserves. My life may not have been immediately altered, but it certainly was in the years that followed.

My dear hubbyman was a bit of a wildman in those days… but he shortly decided he wanted a different road. He has a definite sense of responsibility, and knew that no one else in his group of friends would, so he enlisted. I certainly didn’t know that September morning that a few short years later I would end up being a military spouse.

Even if your life was not directly affected. You didn’t lose a family member, you didn’t enlist yourself for active duty or join the weekend warriors… but it has been ten years. A whole decade. Your life cannot be the same as it was a decade ago, can it? Mine certainly isn’t! I was 18, a college student, a head full of ideas and a heart full of dreams… today I am 25 (yeah, don’t do the math…ha!), I have been married for almost 7 yrs, I have been a parent for almost 5 years, I have 3 children… In some aspects I am nothing like the girl who watched with eyes glued that morning. And in other aspects I am just a better (maybe?) grown up version of that girl. One who’s ideas and beliefs have been tried and tested, one who’s faith has had to hold her up through real heartbreak, and someone who’s vision of life and humanity has been forced to evolve as I have grown and experienced life these last ten years.

At 18, I surely thought I was “grown,” but let’s face it, being an adult has less to do with age and more to do with life experience and maturity. I now have passionate opinions about things I never would have imagined. I have lived and learned, hurt and healed, loved and lost loved ones. I’ve borne three beautiful, healthy children and I’ve held the hand of a grandmother in her final days. I’ve lost touch with a few friends over those years, and reunited with others. I’ve learned how to be myself and that it’s ok to choose your family. In the scheme of things ten years seems like such a short amount of time, but since that fateful day my life has changed by leaps and bounds.

My heart still aches for everyone connected with September 11th and all that has happened in the years to follow, both here and overseas. I wish them peace and pray for blessings in their lives. I certainly hope that the next ten years are filled with more peace than we’ve seen collectively this last decade. I hope that my next decade is filled with as much love, laughter, and life as the last decade has.



  1. Finally finish my masters!
  2. Raise happy, healthy, responsible children (ones who love each other and of course me too!)
  3. Travel
  4. Take a cooking class, or two, or three…
  5. Be more accepting of myself and be better about taking time for myself
  6. Write more
  7. Find my “dream job” even if it means inventing it!
  8. Revisit the places I’ve lived in my life
  9. Build a home to retire in
  10. Go on a honeymoon before our 20 year mark! (And of course, enjoy each other along the way!)
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