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Cream of The Crop

We had a friend over last weekend, and her sweet little girl had the worst diaper rash. I’m talkin’ major owwie. And we’ve been there. We’d found a recipe for a diaper cream and were elated that it was labeled as cloth diaper friendly. In the world of cloth diapering, this is a big deal. (Regular diaper creams can cause repelling which is definitely no bueno.) We thought this was the perfect excuse for us to make a batch of the diaper cream!

The sweet little one had her rash covered in it before going home (and we set them home with a jar too!). By morning, the rash was gone. By the following day, the rest of the owwies the rash had caused were gone too! That is pretty amazing! Hubbyman is so thrilled, he wants to go into business! We have yet to use it on Littlest. (Hubbyman said he half hopes he gets a rash, just so we can try it out.) If it’s as good as my friend says it is (I’ve used it on my hands and it feels great!), then we probably will have to do just that!

I’ve spent a good chunk of time working on my syruping pictures, but they’ve been making themselves more difficult than seems necessary. If you’re interested in the cream, you should definitely go over to My Big Cloth Adventure and check out her story of how well the cream worked for her!