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Bring In Da Noise, Kick Out Da Funk

So if you read my post yesterday, you know that I’ve kind of been in a cooking funk. I don’t know if it’s the end of summer blues or just how much company we’ve had over the summer that’s left me a little burn out… as my sister-in-law says, You are the food lady. And what that means is that when you come to my house, you will be fed. I’m like your grandma (or at least my grandma)… food is one of my “love languages.” So if you come to my house, I will cook for you. If you request something, I will make it. (And I really love it when I get special requests!) At a “cousins’ dinner” I hosted last year, one of my cousins said, Who knew you’d be able to cook like this? While we all shared a laugh over it and really, I probably never would have guessed growing up that I would have cared at all about new recipes or that I’d always, always, always, have to make each and every recipe my own. I like to tell my hubbyman that he really lucked out when we got married, because at the time neither of us knew if I could really cook. (Although to a single, Navy man, anything that didn’t come from a box or a can was probably an improvement.)

So blah, blah, blah…I usually enjoy cooking, and I still have been cooking, just kind of thoughtless, easy, throw something together because I have to feed my family, kind of cooking. And while I didn’t make the eggplant chicken alfredo that I’d been planning to make, mainly because hubbyman wasn’t coming home until 7ish and I let the kids choose what they wanted for dinner. Which was phone noodles (what they call elbow noodles) and “the red sauce we like.” And can I just say what a relief it is to be able to give Miss E things with tomatoes in it again?! Whew! That poor girl! Her list of can’t haves is finally dwindling down to just a few! We’re still in the reintroduction phase, so we’re taking it slow and minimal, but so far so good!

Ok, back to me… so I found that website yesterday (from the post you read yesterday, right?) and I made them! Well, I made my version! (*grin*)

I turned the rolls into bread…and it was fabulous!

I made the frosting pink for Miss E since lots of times she gets left when it comes to deserts.

They were both phenominal! I was so impressed! Plus, I had everything I needed on hand… I guess I did a couple substitutes, but I didn’t have to run to the store for anything and they turned out great! If you want to try them, go here for the full recipe!

Notes on how mine were different: I made one batch of dough and filled one bread pan and then had enough dough left for 6 of the cream cheese rolls.

Favorite Rolls: Not only did I turn it into bread, but I didn’t have potato flakes, so I googled and found I could substitute potato flour or starch (1/2 cup flakes = 3 cups flour). I also didn’t have buttermilk, so I made my own (1 tbs lemon juice, add milk until it equals a cup. Let sit for 5 minutes. Viola!). Also since it was bread, it needed about 30 minutes. This was SO good and really very simple!

Cream Cheese Rolls: Oh this filling is so good! I made the whole batch and put the rest in the fridge- I’m thinking stuffed french toast this weekend! Or pancakes! Oh yum! So good! Anyways, you do want to make sure to push the top layer (of dough) down onto the filling, or yours will turn out like mine- with a little bubble in the middle that’s not completely filled with filling. Still good, just not quite right. And the topping, I didn’t have almond, so I just used vanilla. And I, of course, made it pink. Because my little girl hardly ever gets to partake in “deserts” and it was a way of making them special for her! She was so pleased!

GF and craving cinnamon rolls? If you’re not making the rolls/bread too, and only the cream cheese rolls, then I’d highly recommend throwing some cinnamon into the roll’s dough and if it were me, I’d throw in some almond or vanilla too. I know there’s not a lot of sugar in the dough, but I don’t think it needs more, the filling is so sweet, that it’s good without more. Definitely making these again! Yum!


The GF Life

Today I was thinking about making some bread, because my children are sandwich fiends! And store-bought GF (GF= Gluten Free) breads are just not as yummy as homemade (then again, what bread is?) and they’re expensive. Today I came across a feed on my facebook that had a picture of some yummy rolls. I clicked on it thinking, I’ll just see if it’s GF transformable, all while inwardly feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I’d even both following something with food we can’t actually eat (I follow lots of GF cooking blogs, this was not one of them). I seriously was so excited to see the following words when opening the link: {Gluten Free} Dinner Rolls and Cream Cheese Rolls. Seriously, almost cried. Maybe I’m just feeling a little emotional this morning or something, but for some reason I was feeling overwhelmed and a little fenced in by our dietary needs. And this was like a welcomed desert oasis!

I think I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, we have lots of projects going on in the house, we have a house full of little people, we have every weekend consistently booked up (last weekend we had 3 birthday parties on one day. I wasn’t feeling well so we just stayed home- our first weekend of not doing things, all summer!), my mom is going through weeks of many, many kinds of testing to figure out just what is going on with her body, and it’s looking like Littlest E is Celiac as well. Obviously, this is not an end of the world situation, and while it’s not really a life changing situation either (since we’re already a GF household), but when the majority of our children need a GF diet, it takes more thought. If it’s just one, it’s easy to just throw a couple things in my bag and we’re good to go, but when there’s two… it means I’ll have to be more thoughtful and careful over meal times. And creative. I may have to come up with some new things to make that are easy and cart-able for when we’re on the go and may not have other GF options available. Good thing I like a challenge.